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  1. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forums/topic/141730-grand-bosses-respawn-por-config-acis/
  2. PT-BR EN https://pastebin.com/yfBeK9r0
  3. Dungeon Event Instancia ItemsHandler ClanItem, NobleItem, HeroItem7Days, HeroItem30Days, HeroItemEternal, Add Ant-Zerg BossZone Max Clan/Ally Member Permanence Zone Add Send Donate Admin Command Reward Player/name Online and Offline Player. Add Premium/VIP and XP | SP | DROP | DROP-ADENA | Add IconTable data/xml/icons.xml Block Class Use Equipe Bow Check HP Title Type Monster
  4. UnrealEd: Open All Tex https://mega.nz/file/IcBknApK#FAxCHQnhczyet3vZSV1uVCE8mWh01GkuQxwqv9ow29A Esse destrava qual quer Arquivo .dat .u .utx .ukx entre outros... https://mega.nz/file/5dxSySgC#zelTzBN3nr40BCW3sDLJDfjaLC_JviGQNtQF20CsGY4
  5. and i found them lost here This is what I wanted, I had already removed Code and another packageThis is what I wanted, I had already removed Code and another package thanks for helping I leave it here as I managed to solve
  6. it's possible ? my idea would be create an event With all that I have already managed to remove the player without a clan from the Zone Inside My Custom Zone more how could i add a check, at teleport time And inside the Zone thanks for nothing!
  7. http://l2jdev.online/index.php?/topic/93-l2jdev-premium/&tab=comments#comment-291 Connect to l2jdev interlude Retail Project
  8. what a very well written content. congratulations you really and the guy. have any more hidden in that SSD? HAHA...
  9. can this be shared? HP of the show I get top
  10. Venho ate vocês apresentar nosso projeto. L2-JDev Informações do Projeto Private L2JDev - Interlude XP 1x SP 1x ADENA 1x Bosses: Tanto os Raid quanto os Grand Bosses todos foram testados e estão funcionando. "Grand Bosses" Quest Retail. Siege: Todos os Castles funcionando normalmente e todas as funcionalidades 100%. "GuardSiege" Funcional. Siege Hall: Todos os Siege Hall estão funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Fortress: Funcionando como L2OFF perfeitamente. Olympiad: Retail completamente funcional. ServerSings: Sings e suas Quest/Drops para Lilith Funcional como L2OFF Dimension Rift: Todas foram testados e funciona perfeitamente como L2OFF Four Sepulchers: Foram testados e funciona Perfeitamente como L2OFF Instance/Catacombs/Necropolis: Todas suas Quest Drops Funcional e teleports. como L2OFF Loteria/Pescaria: Todos funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Herbs: Todos os Drop em Monster Reconfigurados ate os de Primavel Isle como L2OFF Npc's Walker: Todos os Npc's Walker com rotas e dialogos corridos. Pet's Todos os Pets e Summon Items Funcionando como L2OFF Player Level: Todos os Levels Corrigidos com suas % corretas em all Class. Balance: Todos as class foram refeitas, a L2OFF perfeitamente. Skills: Todas as Skills das Class funcionando como no L2OFF perfeitamente. Hennas: Todas as Hennas foram testadas Levels e Status. All/Class Soul Crystal: Drops Chance Mods foram reicritos com base L2OFF Buffers: Todos os Buffer foram refeitos com status e tempo corrigidos. como no L2OFF NewBieBuff: Todos os newbie Buffer Testados. como L2OFF Augments: Todos os Skills Passive/Active foram testados e estão funcionado. Augments Stat: Todos Stats Foram refeitos e seus Levels concertados. Armor/Jewels/Weapon: Todas as passivas dos Set's/Jewels e seus status enchantados foram refeitos. Recipes: Todos os recipes funcionando do No-Grade ate Grade-S Spell Books: Todos os Spell Books Funcional como L2OFF Symbols/Tatto's: Foram refeito todos valores das Symbol Dex Con Int Wit Str Multisell: Tanto Multisell/BuyList foram reicrito ultilizando metodos funcional. com quantidade maxima na compra CheckItems Npc's: Quest/Monster Foram relocados para Spwan Status Skills como no L2OFF ClanSkills: ID's Level e valor foram efeitos como no L2OFF EnchantSkill: Todas as Skill foram testada ao serem enchantadas e seus valores seguem padrao L2OFF "Foram comparadas" por Dias Zones: Todas as Zonas foram refeitas e suas Geogine. Funcional all Zones/Towns. Teleports: Todos os Teleports original com Spwan e valores corrigos como no L2OFF Door's: Todos os Door Corrigidos e Seus HP/P.def/M.Def como no L2OFF Informações Engines/Protecões Color White: Funcionando Color Blue: Epicos Color Red: Fix Color Yellow: Em breve Color Purple: Populares - Chaotic Zone : Player Is FlagZone, Nobles, No-Class Healer, Messagen Enter Zone. - Resurrection time : Res Time 4 Segunds e 5 - Trade/Sell/Drop Argument Players.propriets - Clan Item : Give 1k Reputation + All Skils and Lv 8 - Noble Item : Give Status Noblessed + Tiara - Party Farm : Config/PartyFarm.propriets Start Event //ptfarm Admin Command Lv8 - Retunr Cancel Buff Time 10 Seconds. - Protect Heal Instance RaidBoss/GradBoss - Tournament : Config/Tournament.ini 1vs1 from 10vs10 - VoicedCommandHander .online .raidinfo .disable from Skin-System - Hero Item 7 Days - NPC SchemerBuffer - EnchantSystem - AlternativeSkillDuration - Fix PcInventory adjustAvailableItem - Fix This is transmitted to the clients this localhost online. - Olympiad CrystalType A Grade - Olympiad Hiwd IP's Protect - Oly Custom End Period Announcer Enter World for isNoble - Oly Custom Period Settings - Oly RestrictedItems List - Oly Booleam Removal Effects: Buff and ClanSkills HeroSkills Cubics - Oly Enable Disable: Soulshot and Blessed Soulshot - Oly Restricted Argument Skills - Announcer PvP and PK - BypassToServer Command _teleport ins Htm Teleport "bypass - h _teleport LocX, LocY, LocZ, 0, Prince" - Dlg System Start Olympiad Register - Check Farm PvP and Pk To For Hwid IP Protection - Premium System Rankings Lv One, two, three. - Config Npc.propriets DonateItemId Item Prince Premium System - Implemented system of skins configuration in SkinData.xml - Implemented Config doRespawn() Instance Monster Defalt: 600 Segunds Npc.propriets - Hiwd Tournament Manager - Add Multisell Enchant ++ Interface.u <list maintainEnchantment="true"> and production enchantmentLevel="4" - Add Buttom Buy Augmentation Skill All In One - Add Buttom Augmentation Weapon Passive/Active All In One - Add BypassToServer Command _multisell ins Htm "bypass - h _multisell MultisellID" - Add StartNewPlayer Manager - Add Buy Arguments Stat All In One Manager - Add Days List All in One Manager - Add Zone Create //zone - Add Soe Return Main Town - Add Frintezza Quest - Add Chaotic Zone All Bosses - Add Fix Spawn Monster ServenSings - Add Send Info Drops Npcs CommandHander .info - Add RetrunHomeRaidZone.xml isRaidBoss && isMinios Retrun SpwanLoc - Add Team Vs Team : TvT - Add DlgSystem Team Vs Team : Start Event - Add Send Protocol Revison Min: Max: Protocol System - Add Hwid Protect Loguin DualBox - Add Announcer Devil's Isle door is now opened! - Add Trade Offline Shop - Add Exclusive Item ID Cannot Pickup Automatic - Add Fix Frintezza Quest + Respawn - Add Community Bord Custom: Shop's - Teleport's - Buffer's - Visual Skins - Menu Config - Info Character - Add Protect Ant-Buffer - Add Fix Party Refusal Community Command - Add Fix Trade Refusal Community Command - Add Fix Grand Boss Status Community Bord info isLive onDeath - Add Fix Ant Buffer Shield Command Community Bord - Add Fix Skins For Premium Free Use not premium nop Use - Add Fix Teleport Community Bord + DlgSystem Comfirme Teleport - Add Config Infinity SS and Arrows - Add Fix // CTRL is not needed if both are in a PVP CHAOTIC BATLLE/ARENA_EVENT area - Add Fix Messagen Sulcesyfull enchant Community Bord - Add Fix Command Community Bord Select Buffer Prince=1000 "bypass _bbsbuff 1204 2 1000" BufferId 1204 BufferLv 2 Prince 1000 - Add Fix All Community Bord from Use Town's - Add Booleam BossZone "InsideChaoticZone = "True" - Add PlayerStatus Max Attack Speed and Casting Speed - Add Balance DeBuff- Skills - Add Magic Critical Config - Add Fix Auto Farm Command .farm ON/OFF - Add Auto Potion this Auto Farm MP/CP - Add Community Bord Active/Desatived Auto Potion Character Menu - Add AutoLoot Exclusive ItemId 57,3740,1724.... - Add Phantoms Player - Add Fix Phantoms - Armor | Weapons | Jewels | Buffer | Hair's - Add Fix Phantom SOULTAKER Chance Summon + Transfer Pain - Add Fix Phantom ADVENTURER Foce Attack Lethal - Add New Tournament For Party Battler 1x1 2x2 4x4 9x9 is Premium Doble Reward - Add Fix Command Auto Farm For Player .farm - Phantom Class Fix ################################## MYSTIC_MUSE DOMINATOR SOULTAKER ################################## GHOST_SENTINEL SAGGITARIUS MOONLIGHT_SENTINEL ################################## - Add Weapons Shadown NO/SA and S/A Weapons Fatality Buy Shop Admin - Rework Tattos Left and Right Fix 10% and 15% - Add Dungeon Event Instance Manager - Add Implemente Admin Command //dungeon Start Event - Add Fix Disconecte Player is tournament Battle - Add Fix Tournament DlgAnswer Enable Box: Teleport Tournament Zone. Start Event - Add DlgAnswer Enable Box: Starting Event Dungeon OK? Teleport To Npc Gatekkeper Event Spawn. Items Serviços Clan Item Noble Item Hero Item Nobless Scrolls Weapons/Armor/Jewels Premium Account Book Abstrac Item Skin Npc's Serviços Class Master Weddin Scheme Buffer Tournament All in One - Shop / Teleport / Buy Premium Shop Print Screen Premium Book complete content at L2JDev thanks, thanks, thanks....
  11. I say I wanted to create a voicedcommand cache cleaner remove skill effects || this I already found methods remove effect soushot remove aura hero understand what I mean