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  1. Hell i really have a big problem, for example when skill is 90% reused, but when i restart my char, the skill goes back to 1% L2JFrozen . Any help guys would be great :)
  2. All i have to say for rebelion its words of full respect. Hes great at his job, he coded for me many things in the last month and we are still in contact for more features about my project, hes very costilogical at his price plus when he says your project will be in 1 week ready,its 1 week no delays!! i recommended him!! regards.
  3. Hi, it is possible to change PARTY XP DISTRIBUTION where it says If the party received a bonus for him (30% for 2 members of the party) to reduce the 30% and put my own number, where i can fix this? (l2jfrozen)
  4. as the title refers im looking for one who its really skilled on doing balance on classees if your inesteresting leave me a msg via inbox with your skype name then i will contact you and having a conversation about $ and how we will do it.
  5. Ninja Saga Damage one hit kill hack for price add me on skype : darkhackteam.hackers
  6. as the title says no bans undectable for more info add me on skype: darkhackteam.hackers Price: 10 euro. Proof: via teamviewer.
  7. as the title says Skype: DarkHackteam.hackers prize: 5 EURO Paypal Proofs: via teamviewer
  8. Hello we are currently working on magetale game, with this hack you can do God Dmg and having God defense (Undectable the users that have already bought they can ask us for free updated) price: 10 euro paypal Skype Darkhackteam.hackers Proofs: can be show via teamviewer before you buy!! edit: already sold 2 versions!!!
  9. Hello, xxdem this week i will be able to make a video with my team.
  10. as the topic title says, we are selling chat flood tool, now you can advertise your server, to other servers with our tool. The Price is 10 5 euro paypal. Bonus* the first 3 contacts will take a free version :) (gave out) Skype: Darkhackteam.hackers PS: im testing right now on some private servers u might check it via teamviewer