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  1. Dont worry bro... in this dogshit ass fucking company you dont get anything for free. Everyone is so fucking money hungry its insane.
  2. lel
  3. So its literally a dev source nothing more. You should clearly state that in your post so people stop complaining. But yeah, nice to see you still contribute to this community. You doing good. Thanks :)
  4. Can you provide any proofs? Video/Images? And you may send those to @Celestine or @Justice
  5. If thats the only thing GFX Mods are doing, sharing stuff, then everyone can be GFX mod
  6. Most unfriendliest guy I've came across in Lineage 2 Community. Anyway, i hope this time you wont use Fake Online Counter on website lmao
  7. So today there's some good news. I've managed to setup my discord and a portfolio website. Feel free to join for more stuff in the future. Discord: Website:
  8. @Maxtor definitely needs to fix image compression
  9. Update - Facebook Advertisement Banner (For Sale) Update - Forum Avatar for @Celestine
  10. Just login with your regular ip? lmao ur dogshit bro
  11. Update - Business Logo Design for AYG (made for ALL you GET)
  12. The most fairest decision would be to give you another ban.
  13. Yes. Report it. So it can be closed down, so people like you stop bothering me.
  14. Whats the point in replying to this conversation ?
  15. Okay, I see. Then it's my fault and I would like to apologize for my question and rude topic. Good Luck with L2Gold.