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  1. What are the current player numbers?
  2. Finally something thats worth playing :D
  3. First try on a twitch overlay buttom/top part. Can be placed under the webcam overlay or on top of the screen. Made for
  4. Of course its your game lol
  5. Maybe some informations about your project would be appreciated. So people know to what they're applying.
  6. Imagine making a forum account just to prove that ur a completely dogshit retard LUL
  7. Whats the point in opening under a different name, when the concept is almost the same as Elixir, halp plz
  8. nice logo lul
  9. Who the fuck is this guy in the bottom right corner? Love the black hole at the end, good work.
  10. Yoooo, i've made that by request from a friend, whatchu think? Outcome
  11. Borx Theme - Invision Community Marketplace But hey, it's designed by strain ==========))))))))))) You should change it to "Redesigned by Strain" :d
  12. I warned you because you were continuously insulting @leonardoll174 over private message. I don't see anything wrong here, since there is a "report reply" button in Private Message. To report things like that, that's what the button is for, or i am wrong? Second, you say "Designatix" made me Gold Member for making him a signature? Nope, you're obviously wrong. I made an application and sent it to @Maxtor when he was seeking for new Staff Members. Just like @leonardoll174 already stated in his last posts. Stop with that attitude, stop insulting other members. Maxcheaters is not anything like 4chan. If you stop being rude and stop insulting other members of this community i will stop warning you, it's just that simple. Follow the rules already. Locked.
  13. I originally warned him for this report. I dont think that i abuse my power with that. But yeah, kara still a liar lol.