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  1. Yikes scamming for 30€. This guy must have a really sad life.
  2. Topic Locked until @Iordanov provides a new download link. Also removed it from the starting post.
  3. @Designatix @Celestine Was a pleasure for me to make those for you <3. If you want the PSD file, let me know :)
  4. What the fuck is this server name
  5. Thats bad in my opinion.
  6. You dont get it, huh? Donation coins are tradeable so you actually dont have to donate in order to get special equipment/services.
  7. Deleted the last 5 posts from you due to multipost. Please use the "bump" function next time. Take this as a warning, otherwise I have to forward this topic to the moderators.
  8. 1000+ online but only 40 posts on your forum. Stop lying.
  9. Don't worry. You're fine unless @l2mmrs sends proofs.
  10. Another p2w server from NicolasTM, 1 month max then close again like www.l2flector.com
  11. Hold on. How much time passed until now after you made the deal? Maybe Kara should respond to this report to hear his side of the story. I would ban him already, not gonna lie. The pictures above gives us enough proof in my opinion. Good luck on getting your money back, make a refund on paypal.
  12. You tell him that x200 is a waste of time but you suggest making it x100? Seems logically.
  13. skype: l2creme if you still need one
  14. Excellent progress on making maxcheaters better for the users browsing experience. Thanks @Designatix and the whole Staff Team to make this possible.