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  1. I'm just helping you because I see you can't do it for yourself, to come up with valid arguments. A cool event engine will make people stick around and use the special feature. Not everyone is supposed to launch shit servers with a budget of 25 euros. L2 hosting is a business, like any other business that's done in order to profit. You attract people by offering unique features, not fake stats, or even worse, fake "players" who'll roam the towns and farming areas. When people realize X or Y "player" is a bot, they'll report it to the admins/GMs. Then wh
  2. First of all. I don't see any "clients" commenting on here, so I call bs. Now, the paradox. You can say you've got 100 clients who pay you 200 EUR per month, but you can't disclose their servers due to privacy protection, blah, blah. I call bs. This thing is going to destroy private servers, just because you got bored in quarantine and came with another way to create a income stream which will last less than 6 months. You can't provide any valid arguments. People will realize they're playing in empty servers where bots run in towns, and in f
  3. This is unethical and it destroys servers faster than a server full of adrenaline bots. If you populate towns with player looking NPCs who cannot interact with human beings as another human being would do, what's the point of joining a server, when you know that the owner can pay 150/200 w/e FIAT currency to fake their online visual stats? This should be very private and not posted on a public forum.
  4. Scammer. Do not buy anything from him. Just got scammed. It was too good to be true, though. Enjoy 160 EUR, feg. I make that much every 12 hours.
  5. it fucking works, that's why. Him suggesting you to buy the bot isn't advertising, it's a suggestion/advice. BUY FUCKING ADRENALIN, IT COSTS $20, YOU BROKE ASS
  6. Sorry for bumping this shit, but lol hard. " PAYMENTS Full payment terms All payment terms are listed below, we accept Bitcoin. All additional costs of transfers are on client, including the fees for server machine rent. We do not provide in-box DDoS protection, you will need to set it up yourself (VPN-tunnelling, proxification etc), we can only provide advice on the matter. Terms of payments: We ask from 30% to 50% of income your server generates on our files based on project size. We require minimally necessary access to all your billing systems to see the money flow. Before start
  7. Hey there. I've been away from L2 scene for a few years. Been working my ass off so I can support myself financially. So, here I am. I'm looking for the best H5 packs. Price doesn't matter. This is one of the packs I've got in my mind: http://l2-scripts.com/index.php?productID=531 Does anyone know if they're reputable? Is it worth the money? Is the pack bug free? I'm not interested to buy any packs from skids. I'm looking for professionally developed packs which can allow thousands of people play at the same time. My best friend is a highly skilled developer and we'd work on
  8. I meant that flame section or call it w/e section can be filled with a lot of ad spots which will count more impressions. Most of ad nets allow publishers have 3 slots. If he adds 2-3 ad nets, he'll be generating a nice monthly income. I'm currently making around $2.5k just from adsense on 2 websites of mine. I also run offerwalls (surveys, offers and other stuff) which are a good source of income. He probably could add surveys/offerwalls so users can collect points which can buy whatever they want. "Donator" and other statuses or whatever he thinks of and it's easily sold on her
  9. Anyway. Here's what I'd suggest you do, if you want to "save" the community and earn some extra jewros. Drama brings people back. Corner all that drama in just 1 section. Put a fuckton of ads in there. Punish everyone else who brings drama outside of this section by not allowing them post messages for days. This forum is a tool for communication. You pay for your internet to communicate with someone though X or Y app/site. So why not "charge" advertisers on retard spammer's actions who'll be fueling 1 section? Launch a blog, post at least 1-2 articles per month about MMOs. MMOs se
  10. If you folks could simply stop reinventing hot water in here, you'd prob make a step forward. You stick to the term "Lineage 2" like there's no other game out there. There's 4 Lineage games I know so far. It's a niche, it's not a fucking came-went-away in a week game, like bromeo's L2j crap servers he used to make with his scammer fatso friend. Lineage Lineage II Lineage Revolution, which is kind of epic if you like playing mobile games. Still in Korean though. Been playing it for a few days. Got 2 chars, 31 & 37 lvl. Lineage Eternal By simply making a fucking blog you'd be
  11. Kerna kamia mpira kai ase ta riot points