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    im kinda stupid i dont understand the question?

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  1. i think it was L2Trainer for learning skills L2Merchant is for shops,,,
  2. is this not working dont give your money for free stuff..
  3. So i have installed this code everyting working but the problem is that npc that are poly dont have animation here is the code https://pastebin.com/hdwgkuuQ
  4. Hello guys i have ready to go custom interlude server based on acis rev 369 i am looking for sponsor to buy host. if anyone is interested pm me i will give you more information about the server and even patch to test it yourself.
  5. just type in google Trance's Rebirth Manager
  6. but why u name it ninja since when ninjas use programs :D
  7. i actually run acis in one gb ram under linux debian but without geodata i have vps from one host for 3 euro month.
  8. i have try to make it many times but i dont understand anyway stop reply to my topic if someone want to make it and share fix for everyone thx and Pirama u cannot tell people lazzy just becouse they dont understand :)
  9. same story again guys if i can do it i will not wait 6 months stop spam my topic with bullshits pls and calling me lazy do you think im java coder who code thinks from 50 years? i can apply patches and edit thinks nothing more i cannot code now comes the part where u tell me this thing 5000 times again and again maybe? you wont make me quit dont bother spaming.
  10. i am not lazy i dont have knowledge to do it.
  11. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/211871-request-offline-shop/
  12. i am using acis rev 364 and i cant make it work i think it has conflict with l2raidboss instance also that moveTo makes error i think its not existing