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  1. So I haven't played H5 server in quite some time, so i was curious to know which class would be better for PvP both solo and party. I've played a PK for over 10 years but I'm willing to try something knew because I wanan play a tank class with some damage but idk which one is better for pvp in H5 server so which do you guys think is better for PvP?
  2. anyone know if the bot will work for e global gracia final server?
  3. cant check website for some reason my router blocks it or something :/ NA probz
  4. Anyone have a legit tutorial to make clan crest? Also what program you use.
  5. Im a little new to classic servers, so i see its 5x but is it like retail where you can lvl to 85 quickly with questing? Or is this an actual grind server, im new to classic features so just wondering
  6. No way?! is this the same l2revenge from back in the day?! ST vs Empires! how do i get in?
  7. looks like a total donor server only
  8. oooooooo i love this! Dont mean to be rude but any way to take off maxcheaters.com? please and thank you! The forum im using it for doesnt allow advertisement on sigs
  9. thank you! means alot to take your time for me! thank you again!
  10. oooo i really like this one, is there a way you can make it with darker colors? like black/white or grey? thank you!