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  1. Can someone close this topic please? Thank you very much!
  2. What do we offer Instant PVP Activity + Olympiad Always active! Great and Active Staff - find us on Discord on a daily basis! Stable, long-term project, with huge online and a long history of success Regular updates, every Monday International Community, Top Clans, constant parties, and youtubers! The best game concept in 2020! Retail Balance - High Five - No Custom NO WIPES - NO LAGS - NO P2W! Bring your Clan and get Rewards! Clan Rewards are available for all Clan Leaders! When you reach 10, 20, 30, and 40 online - contact us! You will be rewarded for each step! The Best High Rate is here! Features: Download:
  3. someone can close this topic so i can open a new one with all the right information about the new server? thx you!
  4. Grand Opening 26/06 18:00 GMT +1 The Devil is back! Beta Server is Online! Enjoy It!
  5. we have 10Hours of olympiad every day, you need just few min to set up your char for play only olympiad! Grand Opening 26/06 18:00 GMT +1 The Devil is back! Beta Server is Online! Enjoy It!
  6. Maybe the opposite, we re-worked most of the features for manage to earn more life span as possible I know is easy to judge from the outside but we have a loyal player base for a reason... because we always try to do the best we can! There are a lot of new things for make the server last during the time ^^ The Server Is Now Online!
  7. Beta Server is now ONLINE! Enjoy It!
  8. Hello there i'm following the rules, every post is done after 24 hours (like the possibility to bump the topic) There is something wrong about posting instead of bumping?