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  1. Lineage 2 Devil is back! Rates X5000 Easy Farm GM Shop for all Items Enchants Chance 100% Safe +8 Max +12 Mass PvP Daily Epic Raids Weekly Sieges Weekly Territory War Events Team vs Team Free for all Siege and more... What do we offer Great and Active Staff - find us on Discord on a daily basis! Stable, long-term project, with huge online and a long history of success Regular updates, every Wednesday International Community, Top Clans, constant parties, and youtubers! The best game concept in 2020! Retail Balance - High Five - No Custom NO WIPES - NO LAGS - NO P2W! Bring your Clan and get Rewards! Clan Rewards are available for all Clan Leaders! When you reach 10, 20, 30, and 40 online - contact us! You will be rewarded for each step!
  2. Thank you for all the kind comments, we really appreciate it. Don't mind the haters, they come with success Talking about success... we are still growing, 2 months after live! Mass PvP is getting even more epic as time goes by! I'm sharing a video I liked here, for anyone interested Cheers!
  3. You were right, event has been up only during beta period :D Dheva is part of Devil Network but new to aeron mechanic, Anyway event has been highly re-worked in order to deliver even more fun (On last OBT siege event was on fire)
  4. bump Still going strong after one year of live and mass PvP every day! Join now!
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