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  1. Thanks for share! I dont knot if its me but when i hit the *auto farm* button nothing shows up!
  2. Use the servers default file named "Localization.ini" on system folder!
  3. I guess it's the lineageeffect.u. Try to replace it with the other one that i provide. Those abnormal effects will not work after the replace of the file. STUN - SILENCE - ROOT - MALARIA - BLEED - POISON - HERO GLOW - FEAR - SLEEP - AGGRO
  4. I gave Credits to the authors! I specifically tag the creators and the authors! Sorry if you get me wrong!
  5. I never said that i am the author! I never said that i create/edit/crack the files. I just recompiled some prexisting files/shares according to my playstyle. I am also saying "I am not the Author of the files i just collect the shared files and made a new one to my playstyle! Special thanks to authors @Iordanov - @Celestine - @Asuki - @GLO - @OpalSnow - Aikon - Hool1gan. If i forgot anyone let me know to update the post! " Atleast i give credits compare to you! Before i upload i got the permission! Please read and stop spreading rumors! Thanks for stepping in! Much appreciate!
  6. Copy 1 of the folders not both of them! Copy paste just the Essence one!
  7. Thanks for the info. I messed up. Post updated. Image removed. About the skill if you could fix it and upload it, it will be pleasure!
  8. Check LOW END PC is a skillgrp.dat there! @lolpwnz89 Check this
  9. L2 Damage is Guarded! Can't penetrate the guard! Sorry