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  1. Can you please open a 2.9 CLASSIC CLIENT PVP SERVER with customs. If yes then DO IT!
  2. LF someone to know how to edit the lineageeffect.u I am paying! Pm me for more info! (Interlude)
  3. Looking for someone to compile two different Skillgrp.dat files into one. Interlude Client. Pm me for more info and payment!
  4. Hello there MaxCheaters Family. I am looking for a fancy skillgrp.dat . For Interlude server. I like fancy skills and fancy effects etc etc. I yse to have one but i lost it after i foramt my PC. Please be kind and help me out :)
  5. Here is the interface.xdat without the bugged window. Thank me later :) https://ufile.io/2wdep
  6. Hello MCX family. I am here to Share my Custom Interface patch-pack for C6. Its a path-pack of more then 100 files that i collect from other ppl. I am not the EDITOR or the DEVELOPER of the files. I just collect them! Special thanks and Credits to @Asuki @Celestine @Iordanov @L2Neophron savo Elfen DarkDelux _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of all i got @Iordanov SHARE and replace some files with @Celestine and @Asuki custom patches and shares. In this patch-pack you will see Custom bar Custom Inventory Custom Skills (Credits to Celestine) Custom Abnormal Effects and Hero aura (Credits to Asuki) Custom plate With features like Invite - Dismiss - Change party leader - Trade Custom AIO panel for Augment - Enchant - Skill enchant - Timer Custom Option panel Custom Macro icon and Automacro - Autoloop (Right click the macro when you create it) Custom Map (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Custom Minimap with features (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Custom Clicks (Credits to Celestine) Preview Custom FPS on screen (Alt + End= FPS - Alt+home= Disable effects for better performance) Custom Damage - MP POT - HP POT - CP POT and Self skill on Screen (Credits to *!* ) MapHack and InfinityZoom (I dont know who create this pm me for Credits) Also Custom Splash Screen - Sounds -MAPS and many many more. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is my very first post here so if i forget someone to give a credit or you need an information please be patience. This is what you see when you download the patch-pack __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All the files are Virus free. The patch-pack is 480MB. IF THE LINK IS BROKEN PM ME OR LEAVE A COMMENT. Say a thanks there is nothing wrong with it. Leave a comment if you like the share. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ .::Sources::. https://rawr.pro/ https://www.l2jbrasil.com/ https://forummaxi.ru/ https://maxcheaters.com/ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Hidden Content]