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  1. you must change it...on drops Change you must put that of you want..
  2. Hello anyone can share npc and when i speak to him and pres become noblesse become me nobles? (Sorry for my bad english) :S
  3. i think is in Custom mods if you using L2JOneo Pack go to L2JOneoCustom if you have other pack tell me name
  4. if i post any screnshot can do something?im MaxCheaters member only ;p
  5. Hello im using Oneo Last rev and i have the following problem...If semeone create clan and server restarted clan is losted some times not every time i execute clan_data again but nothing happen any solution?
  6. I ip den allazi otan kanete rr to pc alla otan ginete restart to modem [English]The ip change only when rr the modem no when rr pc :D
  7. man ean thes help add me sto msn f1l0s0f0s@hotmail.com :D hf
  8. Hello,to all...My question is that L2 Official files is illegal or is legal? And if is illegal if semeone have server up with official files and F.B.I find them what will happen? Answers pleaxe :D
  9. The file not exist at download links...And one question those server's of running Official packs is illegal right?
  10. Mporeis na perasis ta files tou W:/ sto navicat
  11. kapios kalos dev na help?afto tixeni se para polla pack replys pls!
  12. Episis mporeis na katevasis rev apo www.oneodevteam.com tis latrevo aftes tis rev :D
  13. ta power tou prepi na piraksis dn exi sxesi me ta Configs
  14. popo paidia o bblastersd ola ta post apo tetia topic ta exi pari omG(sxoliazw opoc panta):D