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  1. Ohh yeah, thanks, in my previous patch that hasn't got zealot, I could see Frenzy sometimes and sometimes not. I now understand it's because of the High atk speed, yeah using rsk haste dagger always. hehe, thank you :).
  2. Oh I see. Ok let's talk about this. So in my server frenzy is 1 minute +. Zealot is lower than 1 minute. So if an enemy zealot-frenzy, then after like 45 seconds that zelaot lasts, he will have no Symbol. But he will still have frenzy left, and that might be a problem to identify a threat :D. Isn't it like this? Should I remove zealot symbol to fix this? Will Frenzy appear if it's done after zealot, if there is no zealot icon or not?:p Any tip how to do that? :) I don't care if someone has zealot only, I care if he has frenzy and one taps me, my server is pvp server, so zealot doesn't
  3. Hello mate, got a problem, I am using your patch Celestine Patch & Symbols 25/1/2017 And whenever I Zealot first and then frenzy, only Zealot icon appears. If I Frenzy first and Zealot second both appear. How can I fix that? Thanks in regards.
  4. As the guys above said, .menu has the automatic potions. I've tried with programming and when I used it on siege, my freaking target stack and I couldn't change targets, I couldn't use Escape to change my target and I couldn't assist, I don't know why. :S When I disabled it, my targeting would come back to normal!
  5. Dude I cannot pm you, I got the pass for 2.5.1 but I don't have the new one, PM me the new patch password please.
  6. I joined Euro-PVP, looks like a good server, but the whole chat log is Ruski, nobody speaks english there, name must be changed to Ruski-PVP :C
  7. best factions server eveR!:) but I see donations: 99% o.O lOL!?
  8. WTT Spoiler 53 lvl on www.frienzl2.com ;) frienzl2 or roxy :D [L2OFF] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I will post all information all items etc etc!:) Many Spellbooks,Recipes,Mats! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: GoThIcDwArF Class: Bounty Hunter Level: 53 Exp: 19.62% SP: 486.570 Clan: No Clan PVP: 26 PK: 0 (I've done quest for PK Count) :D SKILLS: All learned until 53 lvl expect Divine Inspiration (Needs Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Mordern Language Version) ) and Expand Dwarv
  9. C1 Rulez...:| old good times... C3 Is so good too... and not buggy like CT1 this server is t3h SUX don't play it... u are 1 hit from everyone xD =D
  10. wraia ta items alla me +7 safe einai eukolo to +25... edw me safe +3 kanoume +50 .... p.s. ECLIPSE dn a3izei na pai3eis Core kanei kati trela o.O den 3erw an einai k online olh mera...giati palia itan online 2-3 ores tin mera ;P pantws an thes den se krataw tin gnwmh mou lew ;)
  11. thanks psile !!! epitelous douleuei!!! eixa brei to NWindow.dll gia na killarei to GG kai sto palio m interlude douleue ... to esbisa gt to eixa gemisei m@L@K13S :P kai katebasa to interlude 3ana kai me to nwindow.dll etrwga critical me auto dn trww! :P thnx k pali thnx psile :D
  12. ok thank you :* :D to katebazw an mporeis na me kaneis add please sto msn xak3r@hotmail.com >_> giati thelw yliko :D buffers,gm shop's ktlp...gia na min lene oti spammaroume kiolas...:/
  13. ooh kk ^^ thanks :) kane me add sto msn plx ;D xak3r@hotmail.com thelw na mou peis esy h o opoiosdhpote pou tha brw L2JFree packs to latest basika thelw kai buffer , gm shop gia L2JFree :) thank you :D
  14. LoL >_< file subclass C:\Server\loginserver\StartAccountManager.bat h opws alliws to exei ekei mesa:P p.x. sto oneo einai startSQLAccountManager.bat anoixe to pata 1 pata username pata password kai pata access level 200 kai eisai etoimos OXI 300 ELEOS!
  15. den katalava ti ennoeis file ligo poio analitika :P kai poio kathara!;P ekei pou leei =100 einai to minimum access level ama thes to bazeis 120 p.x. kai den mporei na to exei o GM pou diorises =D aplws tha prepei na tou baleis access 100 k oxi 120 :) gia kapoion pou empisteuese perissotero baltou 120 access k eisai ok elpizw na boithisa ;)