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  1. When I put these .dll files in system folder to crakc gg, and run ig walker, i enter the game and after few secs the game window closes by himself and i cant bypass that.. is there a way in fixing it?
  2. Well im playing in gracia server, I have no prob logging in and such, but when i set up the walker and start it, after few minutes it frozes(disconnects).. I tried many times and it still does like that, that means that the server has some kind of antibot protection? Thanks!
  3. Well im on 1x server and i have 40lvl mage and i made prophet, to level 40lvl and they both togever in party lvl I tought prophet better for mages..
  4. Which class is the best for buffing Spellsinger???????
  5. mobs are useing that protection skill. I'm playing on Official and most mobs after you hit them first, they put on theirselfs magic that they have high p.def and m.def. for a couple of seconds, and they dont move... I'm wondering could l2 stop attacking while that magic has effect on mobs and then continue??? Ok i think its worthless question caus ppl wont halp for a long time in l2 bots topics :///
  6. Why Server Owners advertise their servers with NO donation, but when I check out the homepage thers a lot of "Good donation rewards" SHAME SHAME!!! Eternal L2 Even Russian Comrades Love To Lie.. http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/7563/liarqz2.jpg[/img]
  7. Well, I'm in this one server, where in some places that I need to level mobs are with names that aren't in usual lineage2 like totally different names that aren't in L2Walkers Mob list, so what can I do to add them?? Is it possible? If not is there another way?? Thanks!
  8. I put the no gg patcher for Hellbound in system folder, patched, and when i click on l2.exe it doesn't open lineage!! tried many times, before its ok, after L2.exe isn't oppening :(((
  9. you can add any .wav sound as a alert for you :)
  10. Well, i started to lvl up my orc shamy hes 34lvl now, and I just wanted to know ur opinions about where is the best spot to level up and how to lvl up - using p.atk or m.atk(spells), I'm playing at official servers. btw im looking for clan, im on Luna :)