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  1. Have been waiting on http://lineage2classic.com/ for sometime now, but they dont seem to be doing anymore updates. Devs have gone quiet. So looking for an alternative for now.
  2. I think there is more people here than on the official servers, my god this server is FULL of people!!
  3. seriously ? if i wanted to play on the official server i wouldn't be posting here, have tried it and it's just full of bots! all i am trying to do is find the most populated PRIVATE servers.
  4. Hi, I am looking for the highest populated server, not bothered what a server offers or what version it is.
  5. I use to play on the old L2 Gold server and have not played since then, have looked around now and tried some servers, but have to say i really dont like the whole subclass system, think it ruins the game, anyway does anyone know of a server like L2Gold i would prefere C3, would need to be a mid rate, cant be doing none of this 1x server stuff. Cheers.
  6. oh it is :O didnt know that hah
  7. Hey does anyone have an ig walker for this server ? L2mxc http://www.l2mxc.com/index.php?page=mainpage
  8. Hate to burst ur bubble guys but DHX never made shit, he paid for people to develope the old pvp-x server, and as for l2gold well lol he scamed so many people, friend of mine AKAshot donated money for l2gold items DHX never sent the items to AKA, he told DHX that he will cancel the donation and DHX replied with, do that and all ur accounts will be banned, lucky for AKA he knew Ghost very well and hes my source, according to ghost he had to give alot of people the stuff they donated for because DHX wasnt doing it, he never maintained the server, just used the money to fund his own pocket. From
  9. Yea sorry i forgot to post the website, my bad. The server goes live tomorow!
  10. Im looking for an official type server, with alot of players, and with a free npc buffer those are the only 2 things it needs to have. If anyone knows of a good server please post and let me know! It can be any chronicle aslong as it has alot of players, im talkin over 1k players. Thanks lin
  11. Played on this server for 2 days, i found it to be realy laggy (not just me but 4 of my other clan members, and all from different countries) there is not that many on this server either, was kinda hard to get rune stones aswell. We prolly would of played here more if it wasnt so damm laggy.
  12. And how many people do you have playing on it ? And i never said every L2J server is bad just the majority of them are, due to people running them and not knowing what they are doing. Thanks for that site Vago i will take a look at it.
  13. L2J isnt as stable, im not sayin there isnt any great l2j servers but going from my experience they all suck i prefare L2Off. Im currently trying out http://l2exodus.com/