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  1. 1 - People running L2OFF will preferably run it on Windows as you will run into trouble with Linux. I didn't tried running L2OFF on Linux since 2007 to be honest, and even if it was "working" it was not viable, and there was yet no extender attached to it. With the current extender, pretty sure you will have more than the ODBC and basic emulation problems. Anyway running L2OFF on Linux makes no real sense. 2 - Windows and Linux both have their uses, pro/con. You will preferably (for instance) use a Windows server if you have all your client in your company under windows and you want to wor
  2. Now almost everybody is playing mages, I have fun with a group of dagger (fully resist stacked as you said), that's death sentence >:D It's going to mix up into more classes (archer and dagger) soon too I think, mages are always good early we ll know it. Does anyone know if BD/SWS are viable with the toogle skill boost they've put on 'em ?
  3. Thank you for moving the topic :) Playing there as said in the topic, quite nice, I have no lag at all, really high population (LoA almost all the time crowded) and fun PVP, just gonna be hard for me to take Bara for now XD
  4. As said above, I guess if he got hacked maybe he just let straight opened the port 2012. Tool or not, if you let that port opened to everybody, it make sense you end up hacked (and fully deserve it). That's why there is something called the windows firewall, to either fully block the port externally or change the scope of IP allowed to connect. On my end I checked the tool on a sandbox and there was no strange activity so far that would reveal any kind of backdoor or so. Note : I am not using it on a daily, I just checked it roughly but seems a quite nice tool for the admin and someone
  5. Might give a try there as always on l2s/l2r, just for the lol, even if it doesn't last long (like all the server around now, check l2mid ...), as long as I have fun idc. I don't get forum warrior flaming all the private server (not only this one), get a life, stop ragging because of a ban of few pixels :happyforever:
  6. YOU Got banned on stream and forum DOH ! (I was watching the stream, funneh) and right after you went => :rage: , trying hard to just say shit about the server. For now I am having fun, there is pvp and there is people, that's what matters. I don't fucking care if the admin making money, they work and invest money, it's normal they get a little something, they are not slave. I don't donate so I don't care, and nobody force me, donation are not OP so that's OK for ME. :not bad: BTW if sawk wanted to make money, he should do it like first Survival (weapon +16, AIO/ nobless, epics etc)
  7. Anahel is mad bcoz he had some ban probably hahaha. With your posts you deserve it anyway. Lot of pvp and fun, he is just QQing, people even streaming O.O Edit : gm streaming now : http://www.twitch.tv/sawkl2
  8. Seconding l2-renewal.net , playing there, pretty fun for now.
  9. There is no adena mistake o.O One party got banned. I still see a lot of people online and pvped in ACM now. Go play back on your l2br5000x, this server is fine, no bug so far.
  10. Well I won't play L2-Renewal as well or Lineage 2 in general. There is games out that are much better than this 10 years outdated game, but it's offtopic right ? But good luck to l2r and others server in general, nice to see some old school private server are still running out, too bad server like pvpx/gold ended /offtopic Can't wait for archeage and blade & soul, but for now, back to eve online, perfect time to farm Plex at that time ;p
  11. Glad to having made your day, however I am not Sawk, check my activity ... What about trying to reply to what I said (and was seen by hundred of player) during the stream ? Seems like you are out of argument and trying to escape it, but it's funny to see how some people can fanboy some admins like you do (OpalSnow, Sawk, DHX and so on) and come up with fake stuff all around. Get back to me once you have something worth to say instead of a funny joke. Ps : "Posts: 1.699" get a life dude.
  12. I am confirming, with super haste on Renewal the admin was able to one shot boss, it has been shown during Sawk's live stream, he used that to one shot epic bosses 1h before the opening as agreed with the community so people don't rush epic bosses. If he really had super haste, the boss would be down or really low life within a shot. By default it's like that on all the L2OFF server. Note as well that if it were giving only 10 attack as you said, then what would be the point of this picture ... Plus this picture got no shout, no hero shot, and they were much more people on Renewal for f
  13. I will give my opinion since it looks like a scam. DDOS protection for 25€ ? I mean, how do you expect to block a small ddos of like 500k pps with 25€, you will have to explain it briefly. In production mode, to be able to manage with a firewall solution "Home made", so a Linux box with dedicated rules and kernel acting as a proxy shield, with a dual xeon 5600 series, it couldn't stand a shit, and a cisco guard can barely stand 400k pps on a port and then it will create multiple short loss. To complete to post gaven on the top about the ddos and the analogy to block the packet if the ip
  14. Either you don't read what is in the post, either you are just not reading Renewal forum at all ... Hey, did the staff ever banned someone for botting ? -No What does the staff does ? -They put karma on them, delevel them, kick them from the game Check that out : http://forum.l2-renewal.net/index.php?topic=1537.msg17420#msg17420 See, I just explained in 2 sec, they don't ban anybody at all, now explain me why if they were "his friend", he would punish them like he did on Hellbound like this http://forum.l2-renewal.net/index.php?topic=1519.0 And explain me what is th