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  1. stop spamming EVERY POSTS!!!!! romg you deserve a ban...
  2. Here is the right section to post your question: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0 L2phx don't work on most servers so deal with it man...
  3. Who made this video???if we can find him, he'll help us...
  4. Your script with pet don't works :-\ (tryed on mml2=interlude l2j and l2core) It only deposit the item in the pet inventory w/o enchanting... Do u have scripts to duplicate items too plz? ty
  5. I was waiting for you Demev. My source said me you found this exploit, maybe you can say us more about this?
  6. Grand turismo for the realism and grphics And NFS for fun/arcade/tuning and free gameplay
  7. You mean the dupe item that was working on Dragon network? If yes then why Drake take so many times? :p
  8. stop spamming every topics!!!!
  9. the thing is not the sttunt but that you hit after the door. So you'll attack normally the door after stunning your friend...
  10. he's saying that when he talks to the black marketer he can write letters too (instead of only numbers). And now he's asking if someone can find an exploit with this.
  11. I think it's randomly between 24H,16H and 32H
  12. I didn't knew it before I know it now than DN is down... You must buy 100 animal bones. So yes it's 70 and 30 animal bones. Nothing with the weight. Maybe it is with L2Phx I'll try on a L2J server.
  13. Here is the good section: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0 Cause you have a request and here it's only for sharing exploits.
  14. except making a virtual PC (but it has already been explained.) I don't think so atm :/
  15. I don't have enough slots for 700 EWC lol TY for the guide ;)
  16. Working On interlude L2J (L2core) so it works also for some interlude servers ;) Sad that it cancel my macros ;( Thanks a lot
  17. Lol their Forum Theme is the same as Dragon-Network...
  18. Look at the %... L2 is rly more realist and less arcade than WOW!!!