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  1. this programm is bullsh1t...u need this software for open another l2 window?? lol
  2. so look at this video................THATS my server >.<
  3. ok, i have the same code. u know why i get karma ingame when i use the script?? i dont know wheter the GM have to be online.... when i have tested it he was offline.. (look at this link: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=uyDIV7fHrEw ; he dont use a script, he use a code...)
  4. ..so if i "run" my script i always get +1 karma and my name will be red :/ some1 can explain it HOW i can use it right??
  5. hi all, some1 know a code or a packet to send it on l2phx for fake a GM?? the main-script for l2phx dont work , so i need another packet or code :-\ u know some of this codes?? send all that -beep- in this topic plx!!! ty ;D (sry for my bad english! -.-")
  6. hi all, i need help, i want to make my char. player name blue (on a C6 serevr). im too lazy to ask someone "hi can u rec me pls" and it cost much time. So do anyone have a trick or a code for L2phx how i get 255 RECs (/evaluate name) fast?? (sry for my bad english!)