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  1. doesn't work , tried it right now on epilogue , dunno about c4 , dunno about 'r server ,its protection and geodata .
  2. ok so it will come tomorow online, they worked like since spring on it , its new , cool, maybe who knows, I will be there , greetings . http://www.l2relapse.com/
  3. lock up please /facepalm omg unrealpowerfull , should I say that this wont ever ever ever work unless you play on some server .... ah nvm
  4. hi all works fine until the combat and equipment , they are invisible
  5. Ok first of all I wanna appologize if this topic is made on wrong section i cant find the Help one so i guess this is. OK lets start i got a problem with "critical erors " in ant nest but not in whole nest just on that part where are the guards meaning ( @ 2k range of raid boss far away ), I thaugh it might be a l2.bin eror cause at installing it failed complete that part. Anyway i opend l2 official launcher made update and l2 bin apeard. I dont know what else to do , the screen of crits maybe will help u helping me :P http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/586/erort.jpg . And sometimes is saying
  6. dude works on l2 destiny hellbound i dont know how to thank you i love you so much the thing is that i cancel alot of subclasses and add new ones and at end it stacks :X s
  7. on dragon on nightmare u can`t go inside at zaken with stryder anyway.... and on montain to go in texture .. u can`t do.. this .... so how can u go inside ??? i know a way but`s little hard and work... share me more if u know and i will tell mine /attackforce ftw
  8. spamm section rofl :).... well i use 2 option when i have money and 1 when dont (on high serv) and on low rate serv i use 1... :)
  9. Gf great great great fken work with good explain and all GF again i still try to get it for l2 phoenix ;) ok thx works on dn tested
  10. well reposting again on DarkSide just retest lvl 3 mixing gives 3 moon dusts 3 lunargents and it works thx for share ;)
  11. just tested on l2 darkside i think im doing something wrong or i dont know it gives me 3 moon dusts ....
  12. i just saw a reply with a print screen and i realised hows the bug ...i think its about sending packets while u enchant with EWS a no grade weapon.... ;) anyway i try it and didnt work on l2ownage Ps: sorry for english
  13. i think u aint drop the item 1 st its about weight limit and i see there you have earned and u can simply observer right there its says now u play for Angel Faction or kinda so this means u were playn on a GvE server and there its no weight limit and perhaps u just buy many pots with different numbers and this is how u laged and i know when u pick up its says you have obtained..., on ur print screen says you have earned