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  1. The title of the topic is perfect "High Quality Banners" , skilled and trustworthy, purchased 4 banners and all were very good, I was 100% completely satisfied. ;D
  2. You guys have time to be Fighting in the forum, but I wanted you two contract services but you guys do not respond .... :good sir:
  3. Buy Website Coded for L2OFF! PM your Skype.
  4. Nada mal!! Obrigado por compartilhar!
  5. Best person you work with these past few months! Honest, efficient and capable of performing the work. Recomend! ;D ;D
  6. Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a Control Panel L2OFF. If you know of someone or have an interest in selling, send me a pm. 8)
  7. [EVENT] adenaamount=75000 itemrate=100 exprate=50000 sprate=50000 spoilrate=100 The partyrate, putting 200, 2x'd be multiplying the value of exprate or I would have to be color 100000 to 2x? partyexprate=200 The two items below, which influence Rate? aiexprate=100 aiadenarate=100