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  1. i can show u with proofs that i have spend more than 450 euro!
  2. Bump with 6 more skins and 6 more champions and new price! i have spend more than 500e and i sell it 350... faking economy problems!
  3. Hello all after 4 years i want to sell my account not because im bored playing lol, because i just need the money... many problems with family and my life. yes i sell it for money!! i need so plz if someone know some friends or others want to buy it, tell them. Thank you. and i f u want to know if im trusted. im here many years. and too many members from mxc know me and if someone want the acc i can tell them to contact with u. i can use middle man or whatever u want. i just need the money cus us i told u i have big prob with economy. sorry for my English. so about my acc. --
  4. απλά παίζει να μην έχεις ιδέα απο lol.... ή μάλλον είσαι πολύ ασχετος feeder με αυτους τους Champions που λες οτι δεν αξίζουν...
  5. good server bat..... why interlude???
  6. this not true... i check it and i see that is more expensive to buy with mobile phone than PSC the Australian way that u say is just more cheap than other countries only if u go to buy with mobile... not PSC so this is fail... more RP with less money is only Paysafe nothing else.!!
  7. tha mporouse kapoios na me voithisei na dw auto to post? i na mou steilei ta anagrafomena? me pm?
  8. u can say just price start from 20e so we can talk... rules of forum man!! why i have to add u skype or send u pm.. etc ?? just say a starting price its simple!
  9. price plz... and pm if u want we can talk about it :)
  10. an mporeite parakalw kai allo ena link sto diko mou inbox... palio melos alla den milaw polu :)
  11. A23


    same with DominatorKing... scamer!
  12. A23


    WTB 30 lvl ACC EU EAST Silver Division I + 55+ champions 2+ full rune pages and skins if possible! i can give max 20 euro only for today or tommorow
  13. 20 euro now! i dont give more
  14. 2 paysafes of 10euro i have it now... yes or no?
  15. 15 here.... if u want pm..
  16. price for west acc? and elo of this?
  17. tell me price.. and if u interesed for trading acc on west.