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  1. Hi, im trying to edit some scripts in the source, and there are a lot of lines with writeC Also with all different letters at the end. I have no idea what those lines do exactly, can some one explain what they are and how to edit them, here is an example: writeC(0xfe); writeH(0x95); writeD(1); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); writeD(2); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); writeD(0x00); Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a working Vote Reward System for Hopzone + Topzone for the High Five version, all of the versions I found are outdated and dont work. I also heard that Hopzone changed the way the page works and has made it imposible to check if the player voted correctly but I'm not sure if this is true. Any help is also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  3. will mana pots be enabled? if so what effect and reuse would they have?
  4. Hi Guys! I'm looking for a newish low rate server with a few things in mind: 1. Rates under x10, the lower the better. 2. No mana potions, retail like. 3. Basic buffer, if it has a medium to full buffer that is oky but must have some type of buffs :D Well thats what I'm looking for! Any ideas??
  5. Some people are just so impacient! *cough* me *cough* :D
  6. I'm really interested :D Can't wait to test it out. Will there be an open beta to test the server?
  7. Any idea on opening date? or open beta date?
  8. EDIT: My fault I didnt read the donations properly, they are fine like that :D Just been checking out the server...... It really is amazing you should check it out! So many great features you just couldnt understand it from the text, you have to see it for yourself in game. Hope it fills up because it could definity be an Epic Srv! Well done guys thats a job well done on that srv!
  9. Hiya guys does any one know what the ID/NAME of this npc is Ive been looking for ages and can't find it thanks in advance! EDIT: found it can delete post now
  10. Any one know how I could make the buffs of this buffer be enchanted? like make this buffer give cov+15?? would be really big help :D