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Epic comeback is epic


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Εδώ στο πλάι των πολυαγαπημένον μου τέκνων .




Βασίλη , Βασίλη και του Βασίλη

Του μαλάκα του βετζε

του χαζού του φινίτου

εκείνου του βλάκα του ΕξτρίμΝτουάρφ

του μπετόβλακα Βέρτζιλ



και φυσικά του λεβεντομαλάκα κογιότ που όσο και αν τον κράζω τον έχω σε μεγάλη υπόληψη.




Όσοι δεν είσται στη παραπάνω λίστα ήτε σας έχω γραμμένους εκεί που δε πιάνει το μελάνι ήτε σας ξέχασα.BACK ON TRACK.























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Ανοίκεις στη πρώτη απο τις δυο περιπτώσεις στον επίλογο :/

Έπρεπε να λυπηθώ;

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Στη θέση σου θα πήγαινα στη μάνα του Νίκου, που είναι και δασκάλα, να μου μάθει ορθογραφία.

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Στη θέση σου θα πήγαινα στη μάνα του Νίκου, που είναι και δασκάλα, να μου μάθει ορθογραφία.


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Γαμάω τη μάνα σου και ανορθόγραφος :)


Όταν λες ότι γαμάς και έχεις τέτοιο avatar, σε βλέπει ο Δαρβίνος από εκεί ψηλά και λέει στους δικούς του... "Και σας τα έλεγα εγώ, τούβλα... Ο άνθρωπος προέρχεται από τους πιθήκους."

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    • I contacted Ave for a custom launcher on December 22, and purchased it on December 27. Ave promised to deliver after new year's eve. I gave him an extense deadline for an entire month, until January 27, which is today.   Ave stopped responding in Discord in January 13. I tried messaging him multiple times, and never received an answer again.   Yesterday, I used another account to try to get an answer from him in Skype. He answered instantly, which means he was actively ignoring me in the other account. When I told him who I was, he proceeded to block me in Skype.   I understand being busy or not having time, but he never mentioned any of those being the case. He agreed to the job and confirmed it, asked for a deadline himself, and confirmed that it would be "easily done by then". At this point he proceeded to ghost me for the rest of the month, never answering again. and never delivered anything. Sadly there is nothing to see here but a regular scam.
    • Hello.  I added this on aCis401 but i found some serious problems on the code. First of all i updated all sql queries and i removed the character_memo_alt (its useless) and instead i saved everything in character_memo. All custom edits on Gameclient.java caused a serious problem (WARNING on GS) when a players was logging out. I found this part useless too so i removed it. Then i removed all Tournament arenas and OutOfZoneTask (i found them useless too because all games are instanced). Another bug is :when a team is on countdown to port in, for those 10 seconds was able to register on another game. That caused serious issues if another team join the Q and could port your team on next game before you finish the active one. And last bug is with the pets. Instance is not handled upon teleport in arena so enemies cannot kill your pet. I fixed more things for sure but i don't remember something else big.    Its a very good system if you can manage to fix/update. I don't recommend it for live server as it is.   Keep up.
    • still missing infinite odyssey 
    • Hello, so I was wondering do phantom summomers have Soulless demon contract debuff (mana drain) in Hellbound chronicle like L2Reborn? Was thinking of going phantom summoner if i could farm with Soulless (Shadow's 30% xp steal is too much to me) Thx!
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