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[L2J] Exfire


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FREYA 15x rate !


Web: http://en.exfire.eu/

Fórum: http://forum.exfire.eu/




Server hardware:

Procesor: Intel Core i5 750 4x 2.66+ GHz

Memory: 8 GB DDR3

Hard disk: Intel SSD X25-M 2x 80 GB

Net: 100 Mb/s

Vers. Lineage II client: Freya



Rate XP,SP = 15x

Rate Party XP,SP = 1.3x

Rate Drop Items = 10x

Rate Raid Drop Items = 10x

Rate Drop Adena = 15x

Rate Drop Spoil = 10x

Rate Drop Manor = 2x

Rate Quest Drop = 3x

RateVitalityLevel1 = 1.25x

RateVitalityLevel2 = 1.5x

RateVitalityLevel3 = 1.75x

RateVitalityLevel4 = 2x



Enchant Chance = 66%

Blessed Enchant Chance = 66%

Enchant Safe Max = 3

Enchant Safe Max Full = 4

Max Enchant = +25


Skills / Buffs:

Maximum slots for buff / song + dance = 20/12

Auto learn skills

Length buffs / song + dance = 1 hour



Transfer quests: No (pop up menu)

Subbclass: Automatically at NPC

Noblesse: Quest, Territory Wars

Special NPCs on server:

Global Gatekeper

Special Shop (thing to B grade)

Buffer, Scheme Buffer



Team vs Team


Last Man Standing

Capture the Flag


Bomb Fight

And more...


Special commands:

.xpon / .xpoff (turn on/off exp)



Exfire using private L2J server, working Freya Quests and locations. This is not one of many LOL servers, which are everyday starting, and at the end of the month ending. This is "that Freya mid-rate", which everyone looking. Server with balanced chars, without support, without lags and without wipe ! Join our growing server and help us to make huge community. There is "small donate", which can help you to beginning. Server is about 2 months old, there are not many players yet, and there no one have vesper, or items +++. If u want server just for a day and next morning you will be looking for toher one, this is not server for u, but if u want server for long time playing, you should be satisfied on Exfire.



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Server started +- 2 months ago.


We added on web page possibility to choose between Czech and English language. Reason is simple, we want to invite as possible the most international players to our server.







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Gl se serverem, kdyby tam bylo vic lidi tak se tam jdu podivat. :-)


Děkujem, já teda nepatřim do GM teamu nic, jen znám administrátora delší dobu a Freya kterou má k dispozici opravdu stojí za to. Jen škoda že si hodně lidí řekne to co ty "kdyby tam bylo víc lidí jdu tam" a to brzdí rozvoj populace, ale i tak pomalu ale jiste rostem :-)



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In next update (this weekend) will be add/change this things:


Added RB Queen Shyeed

Added Zaken instance (only Day Dream 60 and 83)

Updated Freya Instance

Changed quest Delicious Top Choice Meat (py -> java)

Updated charge SC

Updated skills (Flame Icon, Golem Armor, Lucky Strike, Clarity, Electric Flame, Break Duress)

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Now you can make signature on server www.exfire.eu for your forum profile !


How To?


1) When the page open http://exfire.eu/sg/ you can see user panel for making signature.




2) Select and fill all details! When you do this, click on "GENERATE" !




3) Will generate 2 codes :

- first for forum profile

- second is direct link





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Webdesign looks VERY similar to me for some reason.

Is this template ripped?


I think I've seen it on another server already.

Its not ripped template. I think u cant saw similar template before.


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Update some skill by retail CT2.5 info

Update of all zones

Added all Delusions (SealEast, SealNorth, SealSouth, SealSquare, SealTower, SealWest)

Increased chance to charge SC.

Optimization / fixes core and DP



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