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Lineage 2 Alba


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arrow0.pngExp : x1000

arrow0.pngSp: x1000

arrow0.pngAdena: x1000

arrow0.pngParty Exp: x500


arrow0.pngSafe Enchant: 4

arrow0.pngMax Armor-Jew: 16

arrow0.pngMax Armor Weapon: 16

arrow0.pngRate Normal Enchant : 60%

arrow0.pngRate Blessed Enchant : 100%


arrow0.pngNON CUSTOM SERVER !!!

arrow0.pngOfficial Coin [ L2 Alba ]

arrow0.pngSpawn Protection 20 seconds

arrow0.pngGiran main town

arrow0.pngAway System

arrow0.pngOfficial olympiad

arrow0.pngCustom title color start .

arrow0.pngCrown System

arrow0.pngAugmentation Works

arrow0.pngAuto Learn skills

arrow0.pngVote reward system(For moment don't work , but i will try to fix it .)

arrow0.pngSkills works

arrow0.pngTattoo's with non custom stats .

arrow0.pngFull Npc buffer with all buffs Include

arrow0.pngBuffs Duration : 4 hours

arrow0.png90 % Balance between all classes [ We work so hard ]

arrow0.pngSiege Working 100%

arrow0.pngCommunity Board Online .









arrow0.pngWhen you start , you will be teleported in a custom zone . Here you have ~ 20 mobs to level up [ 1 Monster = lv 78 ]

arrow0.pngThere are 3 Farm PvP + 1 Farm SAFE + 1 WAR Area.

arrow0.pngIf you are Paladin or Hell Knight You can't wear Dagger | Light  , and if you are Dagger/Archer you can't wear heavy .



arrow0.pngIntel Core i7 .

arrow0.png8 GB DDR2 RAM

arrow0.pngHDD 1 TB

arrow0.pngTrafic I/E 3.231 MB


arrow0.pngWell,As i said the server its not ready yet(but dont worry there aren't major bugs or something just little things).In case you find something pleaze report it using Y!Mail : Jokk3rino@yahoo.com


arrow0.pngL2Alba Website


arrow0.pngGirlshare Patch [ Favorite for Romanians PPL ]

arrow0.pngMegaupload Patch [ Favorite for ALL PPL ]

Give a change , you have nothing to lose .

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