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[L2J] L2 Reloaded


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l2reloaded epilogue pvp server


safe 16 max 16

farm zones

buffs 1 hour

XP Rate: 5000

SP Rate: 5000

Adena Rate: 5000

Drop Rate: 1

Raid Drop Rate: 1

RB Jewels Rate: 1

Quest Drop : 1

Quest Reward: 1

Spoil Rate: 1



Global Gatekeeper


* GmShop S84 obtainable with custom farming coins

* Npc Buffer with 1hour and 59minutes Buff time

* 100% Normal Enchant Rate, 100% Blesses Enchant Rate

* Safe Enchant +16

* Max Enchant +16

* Lvl 81/83 Skills! -> Auto learn!

* Unique GamePlay with Retail features and custom currency

* Farming Hunt zones

* Unique Grand Raidboss zones with tones of pvp's

* Full Geodata & Pathfinding

* Monthly Olympiad period (retail like)

* Balanced Classes and damage


Master of Enchanting event with custom reward list

* Medals Event

* Auto TvT every 2h

* Roy the Cat -> Event Reward Manager

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hey bloodywarrior if u dont like dont make a post Ok?


If you dont want negative comments tell it from the start the next time.

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if server had a proper web, i mean a .com domain i would try it.. now,i know that the server admin is 12-13 y old just started L2...




My prediction? He is 13-14 years old, and this is a server made by a prencofigured pack

which have about 20 people maximum record and 1-3 online each day.Just tell me if i am right :)

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