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  1. Server is awesome , 500+ online and still growing , a lot new ppl in low lvl locations :) no bot no dual box ,
  2. Up! We started new event. Nectars will drop till Sunday evening (14. 4.) and cats will remain in villages for 2 more days (16. 4.).
  3. Server is great!,1,3k online at evening:) Go check it 2!
  4. Could u ask any mxc admin to move topic into online servers selection?
  5. Dont think so:), but i hope they will fix it fast:)
  6. Well this will be my last server:) I hope for long ..:) Im going to make small polish clan here:)
  7. btw what online do u expect in this new server? +/- ofc I see that interest on forum isnt to big
  8. Could some1 give me info what online is there?
  9. Well server is not bad, active staff,but im sure that we need more players:) Join and try!:)
  10. Yeah, im going to try it 2:) See ya in game today!:P
  11. I decide to open new clan in Fesh l2g-oldschool server Im lf skilled and mature players, pw here on forum or in game,My nick is Kubiw Also you can contact with me by e mail. Server website: http://www.l2g-oldschool.com