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WTS [WTS] L2G.LT Epilogue files + source.


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Hello, i'm selling my own project server files + source.



- Klling spree system.

- PVP/PK color system.

- Tvt Event.

- DM Event.

- LMS Event.

- Hitman.

- Auto vote reward system.

and much more.


You can join and test it.




Server files - 30e

Server files + source - 50e


MSN: L2guinness@hotmail.com

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Man with 1 post !!

Ok he isnt scammer dont even believe that  :-\

Untrusted !!

without any proof

Our server uses L2DC platfrom, it it’s not connected with L2OFF of L2J emulators.

For sure fake only if is the leached version


Ps : i read that in ur website

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Pack is based on L2J, not L2DC. I've written L2DC because it attracts more players.

So what, that i have 1 post? I've just registered.

If you think, that i'm scamer, and project is not mine, you can find contacts in website www.l2g.lt and contact me :)

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