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(WTT)(L2)(Frienzl2) 7x server


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WTT items to Supremel2 Nanaki (15x server)


I got:


Full doomlight set (+-120kk worth it at frienz)

Maj Earrings (2x 1 = +3 unsealed 1= +0 unsealed(= +-150kk)

Meteor Shower (No Sa( 150kk)

Tallum Gloves Unsealed (200kk-250kk)

Tallum Boots Unsealed (+- 75kk)

Tallum Helm Unsealed (+-80kk)

Emi bow*cheapshot (+-30kk)


{SWS lvl 67 / HE 53 / WC 53 Aswell for sale} He/sws none armor/etc WC Got Karmian set + paradise staff


Want to trade it to Supreme Nanaki server


What i want =

Tell me what you wanna trade for :)






No response anymore, so everything can be bought or traded. So PM ME!!! :)


End of UPDATE[/glow]

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There can't be any sell anymore, becuase EMWEE had report me to Duke (ADMIN) The lamer...


EMWEE You suck, and btw guys don't make any deals with the kid about anything...

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