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[SHARE] Lineage 2 ClockMan's Remote Control 3.0 Light


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ClockMan's Remote Control 3.0 Light (Gracia Final)


Extension to Lineage 2 what make game easier.


Just copy files to L2 system folder and type ///CFG in game to start.


- target lock mode always on, you wont lose target

- auto target person who targeted you if nothing on target

- auto target person who ressurected if nothing on target

- auto assist mode

- auto target mode

- auto pickup mode

- auto attack mode (mele atacks)

- auto potions mode (using hp potions on pet too, but sometimes stuck when pet dies.. need to hit him :P)

- remote control mode

- in chars titles you see who they have on target...


Commands (you need write them on chat #@$):


/RAR cmd  - all who see text run command cmd

/RTR nick cmd - only nick runs cmd

/RCT [nick] one of command below:

/RCA ITEMS [grep str] - shows user items

/RCA USEITEM [nr] - forces user to use item

/RCA POTIONS [0/1] - turn off/on potions - default off

/RCA TARGET [0/1] - turn off/on auto mobs target when one mobs dies

/RCA RANGE range - range to abowe command default 900

/RCA CLEAR - clear inventory list if autopotions stuck

/RCA ESC - sends ESC key

/RCA ASSIST - assist targeted player/char/mob/npc

/RCA PETATK [0/1] - forces pet to assist you

/RCA MEATK [0/1] - forces me to attack

/RCA PET - sets pet id

/RCA STATUS - info

/RCA CSTATS - clear stats

/RCA STOP - stops all

/RCA BSOE - make bsoe ch

/RCA SOE - make soe

/RCA SOECH - make soe ch



/RCA PICKUP [range]

/RCa PET_PICKP [range]

/RCA PETFATK [1/0] - auto attack with pet


and some more ...


/CFG, //CFG, ///CFG - open config window





Download Link:



And don't be so stupid to use my program against me... :P

Someone can ask why I share this program what makes my enemy cry on mass pvp -> I need motivation to create a better one :P


Edit: You may need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package to make it work.




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Yeah, but when they know this thing exists, cant they simply check whos typing ///CFG into the chat? We'd be -beep-ed then.


Command like //CFG don't exist, so it's not send to server, its a client wide. Ofc they coud check party, clan, ally, pm, chat if they have such logs but that you write such thing don't prove anything ...

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it closes if i click on the buttons and it closes if i click on npc too :P



You mean html window ? When you click on some button it should open again, if it don't do that then there is something wrong or some wrong version of client... For example you can use gracia final client but engine.dll can be from epilouge. Then it can don't work... It's a lotery, on my server it work, and i dont need nothing other.

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