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[Guide]Ghost Hunter.

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As i was bored and seems everyone is missing on vacations,i decided to make a guide

today i will teach you the class of Ghost Hunter(wow ;D)

Why should we prefer a Ghost hunter instead of Adventurer or Wind Rider?

Simply because GH is da best damage!He pwns asses,Very high STR which means lethal rate and crazy damage!Also has 1 level more CRITICAL damage skill!

Why not to prefer him?He is a black nigga,and has low con+dex



Quests-Class changes

We start as Dark Elf fighter

Next we have to become an Assasin! (you must be 20 level)

at 20 level we must make a quest and get this itemaccessary_earing_of_mana_i00.pngClick for how to obtain it

Next station is Abyss walker(you must be 40 level)and speak to a DE grand master

at 35 level u start a quest to gain this itemetc_jewel_green_i00.pngMark of seeker

at 37 we start quest to obtain etc_jewel_blue_i00.pngMark of Fate

at 39 we start quest to obtain this etc_badge_gold_i00.pngMark of searcher

at 76 level we finally become a Ghost hunter!

you must follow this guide Saga of Ghost Hunter

Finally we have become a Ghost hunter and able to learn all skills!


Here is a list of them

Mostly used skills

skill0030_0.pngBackstab:Hits an enemy in his back.It's dealing damage in HP(not in CP)Ofcourse requires a dagger.Possibility for Half kill

skill0263_0.pngDeadly blow:  Deals damage in enemy.One of hour basic skills in pvp.This requires a dagger too.Possibility for Half kill

skill0105_0.pngFreezing strike:  a magic skill(means it is affected by cast spd and BSS)makes some damage+slow to enemy.Not so useful in normal pvps,but very useful in olympiad

skill0122_0.pngHex: Magic skill.It reduces enemy pdef by 23%

skill0115_0.pngPower Brake: Magic skill.It reduces enemy Patt by 23%

skill0011_0.pngTrick:Cancels enemy's target in pvp.Very important skill in pvps with little cooldown

skill0453.jpgEscape Shackle:Cancels almost any root

skill0412_0.pngSand Bomb:Reduces nearby enemy's accuracy.Mass effect

skill0321_0.pngBlinding blow:Makes enemy show his back,deals damage and increases your speed.Obviously requires a dagger(it is a blow)Possibility for Half kill

skill0344_0.pngLethal strike:Very important skill.It deals many damage and has increased possibility for lethal strike and half kill  

skill0358_0.pngBluff :Makes enemy lose his target.Possibility to be stuned+turn his back to you

shadowstep.pngShadow Step::Teleports in enemy's back,making him lose target

skill0531.pngCritical wound:Increases the crit.damage ur enemy takes


skill0111_0.pngUltimate Evasion:Increases ur evasion and decreases chance for debuffs

skill0410_0.pngMortal strike:Increases chance for ur skills be succesful and their crit.rate

skill0091_0.pngDefence aura:Increases ur pdef.Same effect with Shield buff

skill0077_0.pngAttack aura :Increases ur pattack.Same as Might buff

skill0355_0.pngFocus Death:When u hit from behind,it increases damage by 90%.When from rear in increases 60%.When from front decreases by 30%.Also decreases Crit.Rate.Increases chance for skills be succesful

skill0357_0.pngFocus Power:When from behind,u hit for 60% more.When from rear 30%.When from front -30%.Increases ur skills chance be succesful

skill0447_0.pngCounterattack:Any meele damage taken is given back to enemy

skill0770.jpgGhost walking:Increases your Spd./Evasion/Deadly attack rate/Physical skill Evasion ability.

3.jpgHide:Makes u invisible from anyone else

skill0312_0.pngVicious Stance:Increases ur crit.dmg

skill0334_0.pngFocus skill mastery:Increases chance for ur skills be succesful

Now you have to get some items ;)

About armors


















vesper_cloack_i00.pngS-84 Holy Spirit Cloak


etc_shirts_s_i05.pngStriped Mithril Shirt CP







weapon_sword_breaker_i00.jpgSword Breaker


weapon_maingauche_i01.pngCursed Maingauche


weapon_crystal_dagger_i01.pngCrystal Dagger-Mortal strike


weapon_demons_sword_i01.pngDemon Dagger-Mortal Strike


weapon_naga_storm_i01.pngΝaga storm-crtitical dmg


weapon_angel_slayer_i01.pngΑngel Slayer-Critical dmg


weapon_icarus_disperser_i01.pngIcarus disperser -Crit dmg


weapon_mambaedge_i01.pngMagma Edge+ Crit dmg


Now some jewels(to not be pwned by some n00b mages like the magaki does)

  D          C        B         A


Our best choise then is these





for necklace

both valakas and frintezza had advantages,but prefer a freya if you can





Also take Bracelets/talismans/shirt of each grade


Ok now you have ur char full dressed!But i am so sure you will be pwned w/o buffs

Take these buffs


Mental shield,resist aqua,resist wind,resist fire,resist shock,elemental protection,divine protection,greater shield,holy protection,unholy protection,improved combat,improved magic,improved condition,improved critical attack,improved shield defence,improved movement,change of blood awakening,chant of protection,chant of revenge,Cov,Blessing of queen,focus death,mortal strike


Song of earth,song of wind,song of warding,song of invocation,dance of warrior,dance of fury,dance of fire,song of vitality,song of renewal,song of champion,song of elemental,dance of aligment

*u can change dance of warrior with dance of earth if u want*

**You can change some mage resist with agility buffs,such us song of water and change of evasion

Now you have buffs too.But before you go to pvp you must get some dyes too ;D


Or these:


(instead of focuspower,focus death ;) )



My reccomended

Wit+4 Int-4

Without touching dex str con



You go for pvps but you get pwned easily...oh no,you forgot to take certification skills!

My reccomendation

Ultimate defence(from any tank)

Celestial(from a BladeDancer px)

Haste(from warlord px)

Now you wanna put attritubes.You donot know which to put?

My reccomedation!

In ur dagger put Earth or Holy(But enchant ur skills @ Duel)

You can put up to 3 attributes at armor.So balance them in a way.Read my attribute guide about this.

Your server has tatto?you donot know which to use?

Cause u have low speed a speed tatoo would be good.Otherwise for health/crit damage/pdef/att spd

donot take any for pattack!

You wanna donate for a augment skill?

Best augments for me are:


Active-Passive:Duel might

Active-Passive:Magic Barrier

Active-Passive Agillity

Active Celestial

Active Battle Roar



Some pvp tactics!


Vs Mages

Normally a quite easy pvp(if not server has OP mages).If they are not TOP,just go near them with ShadowStep,blinding blow(to gain speed)trick,bluff and rape them.If they start running backstab them

If they are good mages,make sure u use Ghost walking.Also HIDE skill would be useful


Vs Archers

They cannot kill you cause ur high evasion.But they will start run

If not good archers(without good gear)just go near them,blinding blow and spam ur blows(among with bluff+trick)

If good geared,use Ultimate evasion+ghost walking from the start.And make what u did before.Donot let them kill you.Use HIDE and run asap away from them cause they have a skill with what they can cancel ur hide

Vs Tanks

Here normally it will be easy...we have good lethal/half kill rate.Donot use hex or other debuffs cz they will come back to you.Just run.hit ur skills and come back when they are all ready again.Mostly use lethal strike skills.If shackled use escape shackle


Vs Titans

They can pwn u from meele.Go back when u have bluff.They donot have that much resistance of these type.And cz their low pdef they get nice damage.Care for frenzy


Vs Gladi/Tyrants


They can hit you both in range and meele so run isn't an option.Use Ghost walking and UE and go near them.Spam all ur skills,but from the start it is a difficult pvp


Vs daggers

You have a VERY BIG ADVANTAGE.It is named Counterattack.It reflects all damage u take back to him,so it will be easy.If he 'hides' use Hide too and wait for 30 second


a nice video of a Ghost hunter in pvp


Check this video about comparisons of skill enchantment, attribute, etc




Credits:Finito for all guide+vesper images and pmfun for rest images+Quests
















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Well i pointed some shits out . but overal its a nice guide :).


U got the skills to control a gh now u need only experience :).


Good Luck with playing GH people its an awesome class.


As promised +1karma.

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In the picture with buffs u have focus death but u write "forus power".

a very little detail fixed ;) it's usual to make this mistakes while so big text
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