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  1. someone having problems to redeem the code? i put the code and the site goes to a page that say tank you, but wen i log in game i dont have the icon.
  2. TOP: Wickd MID: Alex Ich JUNGLE: TheOddOne AD: yellowpete SUPPORT: no idea
  3. i had some problem like that and the only way to solve was to delete the game and install again.
  4. he already talked about that, he speak german because he play with friends and its easy to communicate, but when he play solo q he speak english.
  5. guys, what your opinion about rengar? i save some ip and i really don't know what to buy, his he worth to buy? or should i just spend the ip on other champ ?
  6. the things i see in this games at night, ap rammus, ad lux :o
  7. im the only one that wen play at 1am or more always get a team full of trolls?
  8. ad in red's and quint? what about the rest? mr, armor ?
  9. Hi. Can someone give a help in what is the best runes for kennen top?