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I will post here cs videos that i like... so ill just make 1 post and ill will be editing it


Best Players CPL mistakes


Bombsight 1



Bombsight 3



Bombsight 4





Bombsight 5 (unofficial)


Noa: The fellowship of noa



Noa: The 2 continents


Virtus.pro: The art of dominating



Spawn: Almighty



Spawn: Still Mighty



Sk: Believe Part 1



Sk: Believe Part 2



Sk: The lastest Hits Part 1


Sk: The lastest Hits Part 2


Sk: The lastest Hits Part 3





Anihilation Part 1



Anihilation Part 2



Chillside Digital Editing: Sense The Enemy Part 1



Chillside Digital Editing: Sense The Enemy Part 2



Chillside Digital Editing: Geunchul 'SOLO' Kang-doin' it solo


Chillside Digital Editing: AWP Vital weapon Part 1



Chillside Digital Editing: AWP Vital weapon Part 2



Chillside Digital Editing: Jaegarn X2 The Final Exertion Part 1


Chillside Digital Editing: Jaegarn X2 The Final Exertion Part 2


Chillside Digital Editing: Jaegarn 5 Enemy Of State (Trailer)


Complexity: Complexity Team Movie



Complexity:fRoD: The Clairvoyant



Complexity: The underground 1



Complexity: The underground 2



Complexity: The underground 3 Part 1



Complexity: The underground 3 Part 2



Underarg (Frags from argentina my country)



Maniac Shoot Out



N0thing But headshots Part 1



N0thing But headshots Part 2



Annihilation 2 (WATCH IT)



Pondfiller 2 (INSANE)



Sick Sad Bombsight



Kuli The Movie (streaming + download// WATCH IT)



mirb | bruno Movie



Pubmasters - The Movie



Pubmasters 2 Part 1



Pubmasters 2 Part 2



About:Blank / Pubmasters 3 : The Movie






Team 3D (last movie)



Death Raizers 4 (old but good)



ndR - 2 Years Later Part 1



ndR - 2 Years Later Part 2





More to COM3

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There is no reason to go sticky

Sure but they're really better than your videos...



@Topa gj man!Imo, this thread should be sticky!

The bombsights videos ruLe!

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Hax0r dont start flaming and taking -1 karma again.

This thread will not go sticky.

I didn't flame on you, I just said my opinion(well, a lil off topic)

and I've never taken - karma...

ahahah i know A LOT MORE videos that those and A LOT MORE funny ill be add it them with time :D




nice onez!the videos pwn!
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    • 4000 for your garbage pack using my patch from 2015? I don't think so clown   c6 aepvp never reached 60% of pride c6? are you sane kiddo? c6 aepvp had apcs, instances, huge event engine and features c6 pride only wished to ever have
    • The years went by and C6 pride was more 'solo farm' for that and it does not hold in contrast to the gracia final which is more 'party'. I say that I am a crazy fan of c6.
    • C6 pride was unique only xdem was close to him but never rich more than 60%   All we have packs that we spend many thousands of euros .. we don't sell them like that ..   Your files cost about 100 to 150e with sources no more 
    • If you never played on this server or even logged in for a qucik test and look arround, please do not express opinions without seeing the actual work. After a quick test you may change your opinion for sure.
    • X150 WARFIRE INTERLUDE WINTER SEASON: 2021 DECEMBER 5th! Opening time: 12:00 UTC+2 Greece/Lithuania: 12:00 UTC+2 Poland/Norway: 11:00 UTC+1 United Kingdom: 10:00 UTC+0 Brazil/Argentina: 07:00 UTC-3 Automatic registration on game login window, unnecessary to register in website! Do you want stability? Lagless and bugless game? Instant support? Daily PVP? Long-Term playing? You are in the right place, time to start! How to connect STEP BY STEP: 1. Install clear Lineage2 Interlude client 2. Download our patch, delete old system folder and add our 3. Delete, turn off anti virus or add our system folder to anti virus exceptions 4. Run l2.exe from Lineage2/system 5. Enter data on login window and enjoy the game! * You have to remove, turn off or use exceptions of antivirus because of our security protection. It is not a virus. * If you have connection issues with Windows 8 or 10, press right mouse button on l2.exe icon, press Properties, choose compatibility and unmark compatibility mode. Hearts of War EVENT! Collect War Hearts from Hot Springs monsters: Yeti, Buffalo, Antelope, Bandersnatch, Atroxspawn, Flava, Nepenthes, Grendel (3%), Atrox with (6%) and Heart Breaker Boss in Hot Springs Stage 2! You can trade it, sell it or spend in shop! Raid Boss Heart Breaker spawn every 4 hours (+4 hours random) Custom Raid Boss drop list: - Raid Boss Horus, Ember and Brakki, Nakondas: 1 VIP COIN (25%) | Korim (70%). - Raid Boss Apepi, Shacram, Atraiban, Korim: 1 BEWS (10%). - Raid Boss Glaki, Olkuth: 1-2 BEAS (40%). - Raid Boss Golkonda, Galaxia: 1-3 BEAS (60%). - Raid Boss Shyeed: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 BEAS (40%) | 1-5 TOP LS 76 (50%). - Raid Boss Shuriel: 1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (60%). - Raid Boss Ashakiel: 1-2 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 TOP LS 76 (50%) | 1-4 BEAS (75%). - Raid Boss Antharas Priest Cloe: 1-3 BEWS (30%) | 1-7 TOP LS 76 (70%). ------------------------------------------------ - Hestia: Demon Splinters / Forgotten Blande (30%). - Ember: Arcana Mace / Draconic Bow (30%). - Galaxia: Angel Slayer / Heaven's Divider (30%) Take your friends, clan, alliance, enemys, sharp your swords, clean your armors and meet your destiny at 2021 DECEMBER 5th! WEBSITE: http://WWW.L2BLAZE.NET
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