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Bot for All(request for you bot)

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In this topic , you must post some information about you server ,

1) Chronicle of yours server and game site

2)Ip and port and protocol , if you know them[glow=red,2,300]or if you don't know IP nore Port, post l2.ini[/glow]

3)simple tested account for me (for example- acc. testbot , psw 12345) 

[move]Be pleasure - give me karma for work  :D ;)[/move]


Hi Man, pls help me with this server:


1) Gracia Final (Can Play It With Gracia Epilogue) www.lineageii.com.br

2) ip: i think is but here i give you the l2.ini -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MI9BVDO4 mirror: http://www.4shared.com/file/jWzz1Kui/l2_online.html

3)login: testing password: testing

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bot for MaCe

1)run TCPtunnel

2)run WPF68

3)run walker , and use proxy on game server


Good luck =)

Download - bot.rar



Hey Paul, I don`t know whats wrong but I keep getting "05:40:36 ->Login VerifyServer Fail." In the OOG.

I haven`t used OOG a lot so perhaps I didn`t made something right, any ideas ?

Thanks in advance :)

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OK I figured the problem out.

The bot works great but.... Server has some shitty anti-bot protection.... This is what I got when I pushed "BeginAttack"


06:14:10 L2DeathAvenue autobanning system for illegal action, GM informed. $s2


Maybe you have any ideas how can I come-arround this protection?


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1) interlude chronicle

2) l2.ini > http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/250742/l2-ini.html  or  http://www.2shared.com/file/j1uTcbTq/l2_online.html

3) account test1 password testing123


this server has some kind of protection that doesnt let you select server if u are using walker...

help wound he apreciated


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all guys , I know that you need in my help, but now , i'm on my summer holidays in village, post here your's request, I'm answer you late. In village I have some problems with internet....so i can't visit forum regulary)))Thanks that you understand me...... ;)

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hi, can some one help me to get a working walker for l2toxic.com



i dont know how to config it to work if samone can help plz



Site: hhttp://www.l2toxic.com/

Chronicle: Hellbound


Port: 2106

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1) Interlude 


2) l2.ini

3) acc:  bottest



    pass:  testbot

like you avatar use you brain!!Your server dont even have a bot protection like most of server posted here.......

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Ok man)) I made it's specially for you=)

1)run forward.bat from folder "tunnel"

2)run wpf658f from folder "wpfNew"

3)run l2walker, and don't forget to set proxy on gameserver

If  you do all right , so bot must working))

Download - l2liberators.com.rar


                                                                                                                             Good LucK!=)

Thx bro but if i make all what you write all work good but after my char go to game i get this error(in screen)




Can you help me??

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1) L2 Interlude - Java - http://www.la2fw.com/

2) IP: PORT: 2507

3) ID: testbot PSW: 123456


I tryed l2walker IG, and when I log ingame and press "Home" button, nothing appears.


Also tryed a lot of times l2net, and got some kinda errors, check my post: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=166917.new#new


Do your best if you can ofc dude, thanks you all.




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