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  1. I see tons of bots ingame, don't tell me that all of them are using Adrenalin. Is there any way use tower there?
  2. I don't give a fuck about l2mid if they fix it, I don't play there (tried the server, but too slow for my taste) I'm worried about the next big upcoming server.
  3. I've used this method but didn't want to share. Now they will fix it :/
  4. And it keeps disconnectinc me. Do you know any other server?
  5. Is it failing again? Or just me.. I can't login.
  6. :happyforever: Where the fuck can I play till sublimity? :-\
  7. What version are you using exactly?
  8. Cool, that's H5, but what about Nanna and Interlude?
  9. Dude, I'm talking about l2dex and Nanna servers. If you say that tower and adrenalin works there I don't know wtf I'm doing wrong. I get the message of illegal program and get dc with tower.