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[GUIDE]Skill: Adena To Coin Of Luck

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So, let's begin. Let us together make a skill that makes 2kkk adena in 1 COL. Let's start with the server side.


To start making skill, (immediately warn of skills if ID> 9000, the Skill will fail) I advise to do with the Skill ID 3600-3699, there at the end of half empty ... Go to / data/stats/skills/3600-3699.xml there turn in the bottom of my last skill id = 3633. -> Create skill with id = 3634.


<skill id="3634" levels="1" name="Adena - Coin"> [color=red]here is written skill name (remember the name of the skill required).[/color]
<set name="mpConsume" val="50"/> 
<set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF"/> 
<set name="hitTime" val="1000"/> 
<set name="skillType" val="CREATE_ITEM"/> 
<set name="operateType" val="OP_ACTIVE"/> 
<set name="castRange" val="-1"/> 
<set name="effectRange" val="-1"/> 
<set name="itemConsumeId" val="57"/> [color=blue]the ID of the object, which will be used for spawn new Item[/color]
<set name="itemConsumeCount" val="2000000000"/> [color=green]here quantity of used item[/color]
<set name="create_item_id" val="4037"/> [color=yellow]item which will give you[/color]
<set name="create_item_count" val="1"/> is the number of given item
<set name="random_count" val="1"/> 


With the structure of skill we finish. Now let's do auto skill learning. Go to MySQL (PhpMyAdmin) looking for a column skill_trees. look at its structure and deal with it, describe the meaning of no. Makes a request to the database:


INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('0', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('10', '3634', '1', 'Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('18', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('25', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('31', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('38', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('44', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('49', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1'), 
INSERT INTO `skill_trees` VALUES ('53', '3634', '1', 'Adena - Coin', '0', '1');


Now Let's start Cliend Modding


open the file skillname-e.dat with L2FileEdit and at the end add the following line:


3634 1 Adena - Coin. Spawns Coin If You have 2kkk Adena. none none


P.S. My line may not be suitable ... Take 1 every line and change under him. Then I think all too clear ... Now the most difficult ... open skillgrp.dat choose the effect that we want to see ... For example, I'll take the effect of Berserker Spirit. Use search by keyword bers copy line, insert in the bottom and will edit.


3634 1 0 2 50 1 2.000000 0 i skill.bl.1062 icon.icon.etc_adena_i00 0 0 0 0 -1 11


there should be only the effect of skill: skill.bl.1062 and icon: icon.icon.etc_adena_i00


thats all!




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We can think like this, wanna buy heal/mana/esc potions/sroll or something else :D by exchanging your money (adena or coin or anything). Anyone has idea to enchant this skill to make create more item? hehe..

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nice share :)


[iMPORTANT] Read before posting.




From now on, if you want to thank somebody you have to provide feedback whether his code is working or not.

That's happening in order to avoid spammers that confuse the authors.

If you are not able to provide feedback, don't post with stuff like "thanks".


Also, if the feedback you've provided is wrong, you will be punished with a smite for misdirecting the coder and our fellow members.

That doesn't mean, though, that you can't point out any other mistakes or give ideas.


Anyway .. i thought i had commented this on old forum :o


And one more thing, IS NOT LEKINO BANNED ?

If he is, then please close topic :)

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