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[PREVIEW] Marvel Signature


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Hello !

I didn't use PS for a long time ago, but i saw some signatures around here and on other forums that rembered me about the marvel comic books and the cartoons, so i dicided to install PS and to make something.So i made this signature !

Tell me what do u think about it :) and remember that i didn't use PS for 2 months or more.So if some effects are missing it's just because i  forgot 'em.


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the text reminds me a bit like Ben 10 :D


i rly like the sig though gj

Yeap!BTW he is Green Lantern and he is not a MARVEL Hero but a DC UNIVERSE one...

Anyway,you said thousand times that you've stopped ps edits.WTF?


The effect on the text is AWESOME!

The fx of the sig are good but I am not really in the mood of givin' a full feedback :P

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the text reminds me a bit like Ben 10 :D

Well, some here is watching kid films ;)


I like the BG and the effect around the render, but I don't like the same rander. 9/10

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@Flower I made the text lighter to be more easly to read it, when has the same color as the BG it's pain for eyes :P ... and 1 more reason would be that when some one it's looking at my sig i want first time to look at the kewl text and then to the rest :P and bright colors make the eye focus on them first :)

@ĐαяқSLaYєЯ : I stopped because i must go to academy soon and i am learning shits >.>

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It looks good , about the text is very nice :D  GJ

about the render ; the effect around render are goods :)

about bg ; i just like it .



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