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  1. Server must go on so it's psysical to create updates on Dubai Dubai is a enough good server and on GR Epilogue this we can see it and on HopZone and on server Comminuty server going well
  2. Why i don't remember any1 char donate with this name ?
  3. Tora mn me pite oti tn pisteuete re lol btw Cool Story bro na tan ke ali8ia omos pes mou pliz posi wra s pire na tn skeftis?
  4. Come and tell all these to Forum of server mby EQ/KKnD/Caprice and piXel will change again the server to Interlude and remove donations then server will be rocks again now not enough pvp Server start lose his ppl after Gracia Final's update
  5. den ida tin erotisi sou... file... ithela apla na dokimaso... ego clan brisko... ala ekana mia etisi na do ti tha apantisou... sinexizo na sas leo tha erthete ? clan v clan
  6. official sou kani? apla ta pedia ida den antexoun pio kato apo x70 apo tis epiloges tous x1 x7 x4 x10 servers se kanoun?
  7. ama ime anorimos... apodikse to mou . mpite lineage2 Goldenlegion x70 ... na sas do pos tha ta pate l2goldenlegion.com opios theli as mpi ke kirios i immortals
  8. sorry gia to double post ... Pedia se pio server pezete telika tora?
  9. It is from La2 Base. Htm Site .I will add it Flash Vote Banners(SWf). Will be a good idea?
  10. could you plz write a rate and a comment and not spam?
  11. No man...I say that it is mine? I just preview it because i want to hear ideas from others to make it better...