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[share]Make gold with a friend


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Ok this is kind of simliar to Kevin's "Make 1000g a day" scam listed previously, but I'm not quite sure if they have fixed it or not so no promises.


First off, this requires 2 different toons on 2 different accounts, so have a buddy you trust well enough to not rip you off of your gold and visa versa.


Second. you MUST have a lag... or some chuck norris cat like reflexes because with out the lag it would be most likely impossible.


Alright with that being said, you and your buddy go to an instance such as deadmines. Stand right outside the instance, so close that if you look at your screen hard enough you will be in. Open a trade window and put in "X" ammount of gold. Have YOUR FRIEND press trade first. Now this is where it can get tricky. As YOU click trade, walk into the instance as both sections of the trade window turn green. ASAP turn around and walk out. Once you walk out, your buddy should have "X" gold and you should not of lost any.


The idea is that since in order for the trade to take place it has to be "confirmed", but since you pretty much reset it by walking into the instance and your buddy does not...his is confirmed but yours never was.


Remember that you MUST MUST MUST have some sort of lag so I suggest opening a media player or having a really crappy computer. Like I said, I'm not sure if they have fixed this or not because I have not done it in the Ulduar patch. So if it does please post and let me know.


Credits to D3scene

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