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(News) Freya


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- Freya is still considered as part of CT 2, so-to-speak a "Post Epilogue". (NCWest should have stuck with "Gracia Plus").



- The Korean PTS will be updated to "Freya" in the middle of January. It is planned to go live in February or March (which would be earlier than what was said at the G-Star Festival in Busan). Overall there are 4 updates planned for 2010.


- Social Emotes that involve two persons will be introduced, like two characters greeting each other or dancing as a pair. Just in case someone does not want to dance, there will be a confirmation window popping up on the screen of the prospective Emote partner.


- The Frintezza raid will be converted to an instance.


- An instance system for collecting Attribute Crystals will be introduced [it says exactly that, not Seed Energies] where collection will be possible all the time, independently of the Seed status.


- Three new varieties of 80+ armor and weapons will be added (it is not yet clear at which precise level they can be used). This new equipment will come with light effects, either emitting a glow or having changing colors.


- Vesper armor will become craftable.



Here first the hunting grounds. "Balancing of classes" will follow next ^^


- The Plains of the Lizardmen will be converted into an Archer hunting ground, with new monsters. A fun element has been added. (Monsters offering money if you let them go?)


- Skyshadow Meadow will be renamed into "Training Field of Power"(?), the monsters there will be modified, although still being group mobs. It looks like this will be a hunting ground for Polers.


- The Beast Farm is scheduled for renewal, maybe with a new Boss (not necessarily in the Freya update).


- The Monastery of Silence is scheduled for a renewal, maybe with a new Boss (not necessarily in the Freya update).


- The Pavel Ruins are scheduled for a renewal, maybe with a new Boss (not necessarily in the Freya update).


- In the Steel Citadel, Ranku and the Demon Prince will be converted into instanced dungeons. Teleporters (Teleportation Cubics?) will be added to the Tower of Infinitum and Tully's Workshop.


- Frintezza will be converted into an instanced dungeon too, to the great joy of many users who had so far no access to this Epic Boss. The procedure to get to Frintezza has been simplified and a greater variety of classes will be able/will have to be involved in the raid.


- In the Seed of Infinity the rewards during the defense stage will be increased.


- Antharas, Valakas and Zaken are scheduled to be reworked, a high-level Zaken will be added.


- For all Raid Bosses the possibility to level Soul Crystals with a certain probability has been added.


- A high-level "Labyrinth of the Abyss" will be added.


- When hunting in a party it will be possible to change the looting via the User Interface.


- The party exp bonus will be increased.


- The number of quests a character can engage in at the same time will be raised from 25 to 40.


- Quest descriptions will be more detailed, with the precise reward being told at the beginning.


- Quest NPCs will be marked with a little animation over their heads.


- The duration of the 3rd Class Change Quest will be cut in half.


And now what the developers have in mind to balance the classes.


- The exp that Servitors take from a Summoner will be reduced, with the exception of 90% PvP Servitors.


- The cost to call up a Servitor will be reduced.


- The Hate skill of Tanks will be made stronger (this will make hunting in parties easier than ever).


- Tanks will be given attack-strengthening buffs they can bestow on party members.


- The Vanguard skills of Tanks will be improved.


- Some Tank skills will have the property to ignore the P.Def. given to a monster by it's armor. (An alternative translation would be "monsters are ignoring the defense given to the Tank by his armor", but that would not fit into the context).


- The CP value of Eva's Saints and Shillien Saints will be raised by 80%.


- In 2010, not necessarily in the Freya update, more than 20 class-specific skills will be added, as well as 5 "Special Skills" that have to do with a newly introduced "Awareness System" for learning those class-specific skills:




Here some of those skills:

- Mages will be able to cast two different spells at the same time, using both hands.

- Tanks will be able to attract targets over a long distance.

- Daggers will be able to summon up duplicates of themselves to assist them in battle.

- Buffers will be given high-level Dooomcryer buffs.

- Summoners will be will be able to summon two Servitors at a time.

- Fighter classes will be able to wield two different weapons at the same time, like a sword in the left hand and a blunt in the right hand.

- Dancers and Singers will be given extremely good party buffs.

- Archers will be given a Sniper Stance.


Apart from the classes, the Attribute System will also be changed. The number of Attributes that can be bestowed on armor will be changed from 1 to 3.


As a first step towards "International [=inter-server] War" a World Olympiad encompassing all servers will be introduced. Points will be gathered, and the server with the most points will be "Champion of Champions". There will be special benefits for the Hero Server:



This will not necessarily be implemented on NA/Euro servers; we also don't have he Battle League tournaments.


More than 20 new hunting grounds and 10 new Bosses will be added (in 2010, not necessarily all in "Freya"). Here for example the new Seed of True Destruction in Gracia:






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hmmm i dont think that's real info)))

if it's true it will be totally new game

daggers make illusions GG

i think that mages with 2x casting skills will be OP or fighters with dual weapons.... or summoners with 2x Summons :X

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i love the possibility to make two different spells but if i remember well in wow there is a spell that duplicates the caster....another copy? :D

damn can you stop compare wow and l2 its getting so anoying

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