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AION APOCALYPSE - Client 1.9 25x-35x Progressive XP/Drops/Kinah


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New Server, Great development team, maaanny features working. Come help us grow and enjoy the game to it's fullest!


To connect:

-Register here:


-put this in your 1.9 Aion client folder










- Apocalypse Server 1:


- OS: Windows Server 2003 R2 x64

- CPU: Dual Core AMD Opteron - 2.40GHz

- RAM: 16 GB DDR2 667

- HDD1: 74GB 15k RPM RAID 10

- HDD2: 74GB 15k RPM RAID 10

- HDD3: 74GB 15k RPM RAID 10

- HDD4: 74GB 15k RPM RAID 10

- Connection: 1000(Mbps)




• levels 1-25: 25x exp/ 100x kinah/ 25x drop

• levels 26-50: 35x exp/ 150x kinah/ 35x drop


Additional Features:


• auto-learn regular and stigma skills

• whisper enabled below level 9

• Cross-Faction Speech Enabled

• Cross-Faction Legion invitation Enabled

• Cross-Faction Party invitation

• Cross-Faction Binding

• Summons are working!

• Item Remodeling is working!


About our development:

Our server is cross-coded between both Aion Reactor and Aion Unique, In addition many of our custom features such as extra cross-faction features, progressive rates, and some of Unique's more recent features, were coded by me personally. Both Atracer of Aion unique, and Erb of Infinite aion are considered friends of mine, as well as xTr from Moonlight aion (previously my co-developer from reactor, now working with Erb). If you'd like to have a server to sit down, relax, and enjoy playing the game for what it is, and build a community of friends for something to do in your spare time, we are here for that. Do we want a nice community? yes. But we have to have players who enjoy the game and our server to do so. Do we like pvp? yes, this is why abyss, kisks, cross faction binding, cross faction legions, and cross faction groups are all implemented and working. Please give our server a chance if you like mid rates, if you like it, invite your friends, Our entire server awaits simply to enjoy spending your spare time with. Thanks again in advance.



• Aion client version support.

• NA Client Support.

• Characters creation.

• All basic chat types.

• Group/party

• Power Shards

• Player inventory.

• Player cube expansion (inventory).

• Monsters move and attack normally.

• Merchant npc sale & buy items.

• Normal & Flight Teleports 100% for both sides

• Trade between players.

• Player duel system.

• Players friend system.

• Whisper system.

• Other npcs <> players interaction.

• Basic damage skills.

• Items stats attributes, attack, defense, etc.

• Bow with arrow consumption and range.

• Quests system.(Ascension quests working!)

• Skill books

• Gathering.

• Dueling.

• Damage and attacks system formulas

• Mob aggression and hate system

• Skill engine with TONS of skills

• Hp/Mp Regeneration

• Dp Bar

• Proper character stats for classes.

• Able to change to second class (ascension) at level 9.

• Basic leveling and complete EXP requirements for each level up to 50.

• Basic Combat System

• Npc Decay and Respawn

• Gathering Decay and Respawn

• Quest use item Decay and Respawn

• Basic NPC interaction

• Loot system with loot priority.

• Hot-bar/options/macro saving

• Basic NPC Shops

• Dual Wielding

• Proper equipment restrictions

• Weapon hand switching

• Consumable Items

• Soul Bound Items

• Endless amount of working items/item skills

• New item engine now in use

• All bind points fixed

• DP Bars working

• Gathering system updated

• Flying timers now working.

• Zone Manager Added

• All emotes working

• All flight paths added

• correct drops and spawns for most if not the entire server.

• root working correctly

• player search working

• shop buy/sell working properly

• Quest reward items working

• Quest reward choice item support.

• Implementation of Abyss Gates, Teleport Towers and Teleport Devices

• Monsters now give up pursuit after exceeding 80 meter range from spawn, they also have increased regen

• Added base hp regen to monsters which will make them a bit harder to kill

• Implementation of toggle skills

• Implementation of mantra effects (Also prevention of using more than 3 mantra effects at once)

• PvP is possible

• Manastones implementation

• Godstone implementation

• Private Stores implementation

• Update of NPC Templates ( XP / HP / NPC Titles )

• Increased monster difficulty for Elites, Heroic and Legendary monsters

• Added Inventory View of other players

• Fixed Critical, Attack, Accuracy Mana Stones

• Tradelists updated []

• Support for casting break condition for certain skills ex. Steel Defense

• Improved performance and handling of DOT / HOT Effects.

• Warehouse, account warehouse, legion warehouse now working

• Legions now working

• Abyss points working for pvp

• Abyss is now open.

• Crafting supported

• Rift system/Rift Announcements working

• Drowning/breathing

• Fall damage

• NPC Skills

• Broker Implementation

• Summons

• Cross-Faction Speech

• Cross-Faction Legion invitation

• Cross-Faction Party invitation

• Cross-Faction Binding

• Working Kisks

• Working instances

• Item Remodeling

• Client Now supported

• Item fusion now supported


The server undergoes daily updates, and is constantly worked on. If a feature is not present in this list, it probably is not completed yet.




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Updates 12/21/09


-2nd class change implemented

-Skill books implemented

-About 80 item skills added

-New item engine now in use

-Soul Bound Items implemented

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Updates 12/27/09


-All bind points fixed

-DP Bars working

-Gathering system updated

-Flying timers now working.

-Some work on legion system started (not finished yet, coming soon!)

-Zone Manager Added

-All emotes working

-All flight paths added/fixed for Asmodea/Elysea

-Weapon swap hands working

-Some no-fly-zones added:

--Ishalgen and Poeta are no fly zones.

--Also you can not fly if you are not first class.

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Updates 01/02/09


-New Skill Engine Implemented

-About 40 missing zone links added

-About 250 skills added.

-90 item skills working

-6 Stigma skills working


Guys we are definately looking to grow! we are in late open beta right now, and are NOT planning to wipe when server goes live.

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- Updated drop data, they no longer contain doubled quest drops, also they should match retail.

- Fixed a bug related to killing a monster with DOT effect

- Divine points should not increase futher 4000

- Added missing passives for Staves, Orbs, spellbooks, polearms, greatswords, plate armors

- Added missing flyzones in Verteron

- Rewrote movement system:

- AI Movement works a way more smoother

- You can slow monsters down using skills

- Proper support for buffs that change speed

- Added support for Open-Aerial abnormal condition

- Added proper support for abnormal conditions and their messages after expiration.

- Fixed several small issues regarding our new skill engine

- Added several potions ( hp & mp )

- Support for mp regen animation

- hate, aggro, and emnity, working much better now

- more skills added

- more item skills added

- passives should be fixed

- Improvements and tweaks on AI handling

- Skill Engine - lot's of fixes and tweaks ex.

- Fixed channeling, will break upon movement

- Added support for several cool effects ( Stagger, Spin, Stumble, Aerial Lockdown )

- Added initial support for area skills ( still no real implementation yet )

- Implemented support for Protective Shield ( will show animation upon damage and will break effect after the shield will run out of damage absorption )

- Lot's of new skills

- Fixed return skill, changed how Return works, it will instant teleport you instead of reloading the map incase you died in same zone you were binded to

- some minor improvements

- Fixed PDef

- Added more close to retail mp / hp regen values

- Fixed bug with item equip / unequip related to mp & hp

- Announcements added

- correct drops and spawns added for ishalgen, poeta, verteron, morheim, altgard, eltnen although there may be some double spawns

- root working correctly

- skill use delay fixed

- player search working

- shop buy/sell working properly

- some bugs fixed with group (grouping/partying works properly)

- mob aggro is working correctly, retains emnity (aggro range coming soon)!

- small bugs with trade fixed, working now

- soul bound items working correctly


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