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[Share]Infinite Zoom Gracia 2.3 Final


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Infinite Zoom Patch  Gracia 2.3 Final

Working for Lineage 2 Gracia 3 Final



A zooming feature in MMOs is as important as virtual

chips for online poker players. Casual gamers may not understand the exact reason why, but for us Lineage 2 players it's pretty simple - in a game where precision and strategy are a necessity, a close-up look at various angles is always welcome.

This is probably the most usefull little patch out there. It allows you to be able to zoom out as much as you want. It`s extremly practical at sieges, or even when you get lost while doing some quest or searching something on the map and the default visual range is just to small to really allow you to see the big picture.





Credits for this file to: lineage2media

Credits for this share to: Dariuse [aka me]

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rofl, hiding this for 100 posts while its free to download on thousand of sites.

So download it from another site and don't post here..

Anyway I will try this if i'd ever play on GF >.<

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