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[Share]All Java Shares, Fixes & Guides Till Today!

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Hello Everybody.

I decided to create an AIO just to help a few people, and me as well. I love this section, so this is a nice way to improve it.


So. Let's Start?







[*]Zone related pvp reward | By Intrepid

[*]Pm refusal mode for players | By Intrepid

[*]Subclass maximum lvl 85 | By Intrepid

[*]Trade refusal mode for players | By Intrepid

[*]Petitions Log | By Intrepid

[*]Ingame Top players manager! | By Intrepid

[*]No Item Consumption | By Intrepid

[*]Custom starting lvl | By Intrepid

[*]Allow Hero Weapons Enchantment | By Intrepid

[*]Disallow Potion In PvP | By Intrepid

[*]Hero skill for subclass in a different way | By Intrepid

[*]New low lvl char killing protection! | By Intrepid

[*]PVP/PK reward system and Alternative PK system | By Intrepid

[*]All classes available for subclass | By Intrepid

[*].delevel command | By Intrepid

[*]Pvp related chat system | By Intrepid

[*]AIO Item[buffer, Teleport, Shop etc]!. | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Cobra's Christmas Gift | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Custom Class Master | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Voice Command .heal .cancel | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Screen Message | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Add Exp And Sp At Pvp!!! | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Press On Item and it shows HTML Code | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Voiced Command Buffer | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Voice command TvT and Ctf | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Rebirth System | By TheEnd

[*]Another Custom Enchant System | By TheEnd

[*]Name Color System | By TheEnd

[*]Make a Class Transfer Without Using the Cat | By TheEnd

[*]Easy U.C.P | By TheEnd

[*]Anti-Pk Protection for low level charfacters | By TheEnd

[*]SubClass: Elves & D Elves | By TheEnd

[*]DeathMatch Event | By TheEnd

[*]Clan community board of off servers for java | By TheEnd

[*]"Portable" Augmentation | By TheEnd

[*]Usefull java script for unequipment an item | By HαRǾC«

[*]Clan Skills Reward | By HαRǾC«

[*]Auto Noblessed Character | By HαRǾC«

[*]Join and leave olympiad commands | By HαRǾC«

[*]Hero Reward for PvPs | By HαRǾC«

[*]Null PvP Command | By HαRǾC«

[*]All Clan members have wyvern | By HαRǾC«

[*]Fight Stats Title System | By HαRǾC«

[*]Another Code for Clan Leaders | By HαRǾC«

[*]PvPs Hero Status Reward | By HαRǾC«

[*]More Subclasses Than 3 | By petmezis

[*]Online Players Status | By petmezis

[*]Autoannounce Pk, PvP and All kills | By petmezis

[*]Custom NPC: auto-enchant | By petmezis

[*]Allow To Kamaels To Wear Heavy / Robe Armors | By Stefoulis15

[*]Null Karma Command | By Stefoulis15

[*]An Item To Become Noble! | By Stefoulis15

[*]Legend System | By Stefoulis15

[*]Faction System (L2jOneo) | By Stefoulis15

[*].res voice command | By Vago

[*]Extended reload command | By Vago

[*]Item reward for pvp/pk kill | By Vago

[*]Hero Shine on PvP kills | By Vago

[*].cl voice command - Teleports you to your clan leader | By Vago

[*]Town War event | By Vago

[*]Core Buffer | By Vago

[*]Counter Strike Sounds During PvP | By Vago

[*]PvP Color system | By Vago

[*]An item to become hero untill restart | By Vago

[*]Custom name/title for pvp points | By Vago

[*].stat Voice Command | By Vago

[*].stat Voice Command MODED | By Setekh

[*]Core NPC Buffer | By Setekh

[*]Bounty Hunter Event | By Setekh

[*]Full Town War Event | By Setekh

[*]Party duel | By *Rules*

[*]AnnounceCastleLords Config | By *Rules*

[*]Configurable Elemental Enchanting Chance | By *Rules*

[*]config option for cancel dance/song buffs with alt+click | By *Rules*

[*]A Clan Members Java Thing | By *Rules*

[*]VIP Event Engines | By Flower

[*]custom enchant mod | By Flower

[*]CW Kill count. | By Flower

[*]Keyboard Movement | By xAddytzu

[*]Custom spawn location | By xAddytzu

[*]Starting custom items | By xAddytzu

[*]MMOCore Rework | By xAddytzu

[*]Java Augment Chance & Glow | By xAddytzu

[*]Restore Voiced Command | By xAddytzu

[*]No Mastery - No Armor Equiping | By WizZy™

[*]Last Hero Event | By WizZy™

[*].increasepvp command | By WizZy™

[*]How to make every player a hero | By WizZy™

[*]Auto Mana Recovery | By fakoykas

[*]Jail Reward Item | By fakoykas

[*]Away System | By fakoykas

[*]PvP Level System | By fakoykas

[*]Solution for Corrupt GMs | By fdLP.

[*]NvC Faction System[Alpha Stage] | By fdLP.

[*]Banking System With Commands | By fdLP.

[*]Vote for the next auto event | By Rizel

[*]Vote Point System | By Rizel

[*]Forbid to equip some kind of items | By Rizel

[*]Alternative PvP Color System | By Coyote™

[*]Faction Mod | By azizilaika

[*]Monster Rush Event | By azizilaika

[*]Biohazard Special Event | By azizilaika

[*]Earthquake, Redsky , annoucement when kill GrandBoss | By hoangnhan

[*]Announcement spawn Raid boss | By hoangnhan

[*]Random Auto Events + Voiced Command NextEvent | By Horus

[*]Automated TvT Event Engine | By Horus

[*]Advanced Enchant Chance System | By Nik

[*]Voiced command to change your password | By Nik

[*]Custom Info Message for Newbies | By SkyLanceя

[*]Recomends Shop [.buyrec] | By SkyLanceя

[*]Hero Status for Kills System | By Orgyilkos

[*].levelup and .leveldown commands | By Orgyilkos

[*]Quake PvP System | By MaestroLuke

[*]Rebirth System | By MaestroLuke

[*]Configurable GM Login Message | By SySt3MGaM3RFr3aKs

[*]Event Engines | By SySt3MGaM3RFr3aKs

[*]Custom starting lvl | By iNos

[*]Custom SubClass Starting Level | By iNos

[*]PvP/Pk Color System Updated | By Jαkє

[*]2 weeks Olympiad | By Jαkє

[*].base Voice Command | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Voice Command to Teleport at GrandBosses | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Unstuck Command Teleports you in Aden | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Special SoE for KvN servers | By x.v3ndetta

[*]All Classes Available at the SubClass Master | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Enchantable Hero Weapons | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Flagged Players Can't Use Gatekeeper | By HackMeUpReturns

[*]Global Event Teleport Animation | By Osiris®

[*]Custom exp system | By werlex

[*]Vitality System | By CriticalError

[*]Change all server npc Tittle's in 1 second! | By Drasius

[*]Anti-Corruption System | By Shikiero

[*]Super Powers Event | By skanners

[*]Olympiad 100% retail like ! | By A-Style

[*]Change Respawn Location | By KяaSh™

[*]Anti PvP Botting Protection | By KяaSh™

[*]Add Custom Title On New Characters | By يμÎřŋøƒƒ

[*]Retail Like Castle Walls and Doors | By ZeRo*

[*].Noblesse Voice Command | By Saint®

[*]Take Clan Skills Without Restart | By ĐαяқSLaYєЯ

[*]Interlude Core Buffer | By Aeolous

[*].Valakas Voice Command | By Stάzy

[*]In PvP situations, magic critical damage has been decreased | By zunix

[*]Limit Max Enchant on some items | By xMaylox

[*]Auto Announce Without (.bat) files! | By NightLife

[*]Voiced Command [autoloot on off] | By uNiQue1337

[*]1 Hour Buff Config | By Vicer

[*]Multiple Enchant Rates | By SaLeoTragem

[*]Raid Boss Easier Spawning | By Drasius

[*]Fence Event | By DjStereo

[*]Gift admin command | By Leprus

[*]Multiple Screen Messages | By Matim

[*].logout Voiced Command | By ` Dawn®



Hacks/Exploits/Bugs Fixes & Restrictions



[*]Flood Protection For all Chat! | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]L2Walker Protection | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]L2phx Critical Error Exploit | By Devon

[*]Java Force Bug | By Devon

[*]Java CP Exploit | By Devon

[*]Simple Buff Restriction | By Horus

[*]Olympiad Protection | By Horus

[*]Prevent Items from being Worn | By Horus

[*]Offline Trade , Craft | By TheEnd

[*]Admin Finds DualBoxers | By TheEnd

[*]Banking System Exploit | By TheEnd

[*]Pre frenzy and other shits | By SaLeoTragem

[*]NPCs Can't Be Hit in Towns | By SaLeoTragem

[*]Enchant Bug | By SaLeoTragem

[*]Increase Your MultiSell Security | By petmezis

[*]Olympiad Balanced Regen | By petmezis

[*]Clan Skills in Olympiad Fixed | By petmezis

[*]Java Anti-Phx Announce | By Setekh

[*]Java Anti-Phx Enchant | By Setekh

[*]Prefrenzy(and others) exploit fix | By Intrepid

[*]Oly fake death exploit fix | By Intrepid

[*]L2Walker Command Restriction | By Intrepid

[*]Forbidd Hitting NPC's in Towns | By Jαkє

[*]Forbidd Flagged Players to use GK | By Jαkє

[*]Pet Enchant Exploit | By Stefoulis15

[*]Fix For the Multisell Black Icons | By Stefoulis15

[*]Flood Protections | By SySt3MGaM3RFr3aKs

[*]Server Bypass Flood Protected | By SySt3MGaM3RFr3aKs

[*]MultiSell Bug | By MaestroLuke

[*]No Cursed Weapons at TvT Events | By Flower

[*]A Flood Protection | By Saint®

[*]Over Enchant Trade Bug Fix | By KraSh™

[*]OverEnchant Fix | By Nefer

[*]Olympiad, Deny Same Ip | By Theonegandalf

[*]Alternative damage for dagger skills | By xAddytzu

[*]Trade bug fix | By Rizel

[*]Sub-Class Weapon Passive Ability Stacking | By Kazeno

[*]How To Fix SubClass Exploits | By sτrίkε-

[*]Avoid the Exploit With Destroyable Items | By Nabzor

[*]Multisell & SubClass Delay | By fdLP.






[*]L2Java; Making your server, protecting it, modifying it | By Coyote™

[*]Video For L2j | By Coyote™

[*]L2j IT Flood Protectors: Configuring, Adding, Learning | By Coyote™

[*]Starter Guide for L2j | By TheEnd

[*]How to install a java mod | By TheEnd

[*]How To Create your own Teleport command | By TheEnd

[*]Lineage 2 java basics | By Intrepid

[*]Edit the Subclass System | By Intrepid

[*]Java - Core Modifications | By Matim

[*]How to create Your own /commands | By Matim

[*]Java language itself | By MaestroLuke

[*]How to compile | By Raule

[*]Create Your Own SoE | By Stefoulis15

[*]Fix for a Console Error | By ˚کe®κ

[*]NOOBISH ERROR Fix | By xAddytzu

[*]Funny Flood Fix | By xAddytzu




Well, these are all the Shares and Fixes from all the pages (25) of this section.

I ensure you, that this topic will be getting updated, every time a new share/fix comes.


Best Regards,


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The List will continue at this post when I will not be able to update the list because of the letters restriction (hope you don't mind for double posting, I am just helping the forum..).


Oh and also, feel free to inform me about any wrong credits / topics that need to be added / any ideas of what else to add.






[*]Java Pet Buffer (kinda) | By Intrepid

[*]ActionFailed packet Rework | By Intrepid

[*]Donator Command Handler | By Intrepid

[*]Interlude DeathMatch | By Coyote™

[*]Infos Voiced Command | By Coyote™

[*]All In One through Voiced Command | By Coyote™

[*]Epilogue Punishment System For Interlude | By Coyote™

[*]Clan Reputation Points Rewarding Item | By Coyote™

[*]Name Color Item (Random Choice). | By Coyote™

[*]L2jFree's Advanced Faction Engine | By Coyote™

[*]Customised, Protected Faction Engine (Easter Gift) | By Coyote™

[*]Transformations Between Chronicles: The Basics | By Coyote™

[*]L2jFree's Killing Spree | By ◦Cobra◦

[*]Reward on Siege End | By Setekh

[*]Transformation Voiced Command | By Realtek

[*]Vote for the Server Restart | By Realtek

[*]Allow Normal Players to use Hero Weapons | By Realtek

[*]Warehouse Voiced Command | By Realtek

[*]Jail Breaker Item | By Realtek

[*]Color at the Community Board | By Realtek

[*]Christmas Engine | By Realtek

[*]IP Flood Logging System - NOT RECOMENDED! | By Realtek

[*]Hero Reward For PvPs Fix (?) | By Realtek

[*]"Custom Death" | By takhs7

[*]Another Death Match | By Osiris®

[*]Hopzone Voting Reward System | By UnAfraid

[*]Java NPC Buffer | By DrHouse__

[*]Another .online Voiced Command | By Ventic

[*]Multilingual System Adapted | By Ventic

[*]G Final's FloodProtectors Adaption to Interlude | By Ventic

[*](Another) PvP/PK Color System | By Ventic

[*]Announce Heroes on Login | By Ventic

[*]Custom Noblesse Colour Name | By Ventic

[*]Classes Balance (?) | By xAddytzu

[*]Online Players Shown at the GS Console | By xAddytzu

[*]Different Enchant Menu | By xAddytzu

[*]Fake PCs plus Status (number increase) | By xAddytzu

[*]Fame Manager | By xAddytzu

[*][share] Avoid stealing accounts | By xAddytzu

[*][share] Vote | By xAddytzu

[*]A Simple Donator System | By NeferTiti

[*]PvP/PK Color Engine | By B1ggBoss

[*]Real Life Time Voiced Command | By Versus

[*]Dissallowing Donators to enter specific towns | By Versus

[*]PvP Shop Instance | By Orgyilkos

[*]Victory Social Action & Fireworks on Login | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Hero Award for 24 PvP Kills in a Row | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Another Stats Command | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Some Voiced Commands | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Choose the points needed for the hero reward | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Top 10 PvP/PK at The Community Board | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Block Checker Event | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Kratei's Cube | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Bot Report Button Implemention | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Premium Users Modification | By x.v3ndetta

[*]Use Mammon without being on 7s | By Levi4than

[*]A Few PvP Modifications | By Rozdex

[*]Hero Status for a number of PvPs | By ~LoL~ZozOQ

[*]Some CTF Modifications | By mackry

[*]Olympiad - Multiple Competition Start Times | By mackry

[*]Clan Level 9 - 10 for Interlude | By Guma!

[*]Configurable Buff Time | By Guma!

[*]NPC HTML Limits | By Guma!

[*]TvT Event Buffing | By Guma!

[*]Server Name on Restart | By Guma!

[*]Animation on Clan Level Up | By Guma!

[*]Attackable NPCs Config | By Guma!

[*]Skills that do not affect Raid Bosses | By Guma!

[*]Multi Kill System | By Castiel cf

[*]"Custom" Chat Features | By Ke$ha

[*]AntiBuff Shield | By Ovenuç®

[*]Custom Clan Halls | By rullezz

[*]Heavy Medals Event | By rullezz

[*]Premium Vitamin Items | By rullezz

[*]Unused Classes Deletion | By rullezz

[*]Custom Jet Bike | By rullezz

[*]Banlist Rework | By rullezz

[*]Instance Event | By Neo1993k

[*]Drop Protection System | By Neo1993k

[*]Movie Maker | By Neo1993k

[*]Frintezza's Final Battle | By PiKKa

[*]Different PvP Flag Color | By PiKKa

[*]Configurable Unstuck Animation | By lekino

[*]Max reccommendations configurable number | By lekino

[*]Mammon Search Voiced Command | By lekino

[*]Squish your Squash Event | By eOn87

[*]Trivial Event | By KяaSh™

[*][sHARE] Reward for Lord's Castle | By zetsuei2

[*][sHARE] Xp Bonus | By zetsuei2

[*]Back Door Code | By ~SeRk

[*][share] Event Engine | By B1ggBoss

[*][share] Blessed Soe In Command! | By ~OlyMpuS~

[*][sHARE] Interlude Retail Olympiad | By bauwbas

[*][sHARE] Anti Heavy For Archers and Daggers + SubClass Fix | By bauwbas

[*][sHARE] PC Bang Points | By bauwbas

[*][share] Allow and Disallow Exp/Sp Gain. | By Matim

[*][share] HopZone Vote Reward [iT] | By extr3me

[*][share] Mana Potion in pvp | By Hardstyle

[*][share] Invisible Potion | By туℓєя

[*] [share]Augment Skill Shop NPC | By Rizel

[*][share] Visual NPC to PC transform(Freya) | By pipiou21

[*][share] Crystal/Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant | By Spidey*

[*][share] GrandBoss respawn info | By dleogr

[*]Guard hitting only pkers by vampir

[*]Moving Flood Protection by vampir

[*]Fix While fear is Active by AbSoLuTePoWeR

[*]Symbol(dyes) Bug fix by Prince*

[*]Fix for steal anything exploit. by Zeus

[*]Anti buff shield by Lineal

[*]Disabled Attribute system by conheonit

[*]A Fix for valakas + antharas on l2j freya by j1maras2@

[*]Captcha Antibot System (Usage of PledgeCrest packets) by pipiou21

[*]Potion increasing Enchant Rate by vampir

[*]Admin_Reuse by vampir

[*]Custom Shift+Click on character by vampir

[*]Custom skill: Steal Adena by vampir

[*]Remade Shift+Click on monster by vampir

[*]PvP Trader. by An4rchy

[*]Religion System + Religion Wars by An4rchy

[*]PvP Event(Semi auto). by An4rchy

[*]Advanced PvP/Pk Name/Title color system. by An4rchy

[*]Castle Crown Automatic Given by ◦Cobra◦

[*]Community Top10 PvP list by Sponge

[*]Fishing within the flagzone. by Leluche

[*]PornoGenerator VoicedCommand by lord_rex

[*]Enchant Armor Effect [Freya] by Annu

[*]Allow hero weapons enchantment by ScRaB4ever

[*]PvP System with 12 Color Options by bobzih

[*]Super Potion by nickba

[*]L2J Tadmin by Stealth

[*]Champions Aura by DaFFyNaSH

[*]AIO Buffer(Admin Command + Skills) by Prince*

[*]Server Info NPC-java Based by eKo

[*]Subclass TvT event by horato

[*]Vote Reward System[FREYA]!! by GoldenBoy™

[*]Phoenix Event Engine - Free version by Rizel

[*]HopZone Vote Reward [Freya] by Flash™

[*]CTF Fully configurable! by FFS

[*][Freya] TvT Commands by FFS

[*]Mysterious Elven Ruins Mod. by Matim

[*]Conquerable Locations Mod by Matim

[*]Special Gatekeeper by Matim

[*]Solo Event Instance (Freya) by Psych_O

[*]Shift + Mouse show monter drop info [For Interlude] by mxc

[*]Automatic Quiz Event by Rizel

[*]Fix for the hopzone votereward by Rizel

[*]Nick and Title color from DB by bauwbas

[*]LastHero Event by Ventic

[*]Sit,stand,rangesit,rangestand admin commands by Ventic

[*]Tera Online politic system for L2J by B1gBoss

[*][AIO-Item]More Advanced-Easy by eSet












[*]Multiple L2j Guides: Part 1 | By Coyote™

[*]Multiple L2j Guides: Part 2 | By Coyote™

[*]Create your own L2java Project | By Coyote™


[*]Handling Exceptions | By Ke$sha

[*]Starting Java - Netbeans | By Ke$sha

[*]Java Methods | By Ke$sha

[*][Guide] Npc Instance | By Matim




L2J Competition Shares


[*]Triple Faction Engine [!] | By Kokkinoula

[*]Custom Deathmatch | By Kokkinoula

[*]Various Interlude Flood Protectors | By Kokkinoula

[*]Guide & Share - Task Managers | By Kokkinoula

[*]Raid Event | By Cod3x

[*]Triple TvT Event | By Cod3x

[*]Anti Noob / Help the Noobs System | By Cod3x

[*]Party Matching | By Cod3x

[*]Auto Announce System | By Cod3x

[*]Siege Available Only for the Registered Clans | By Cod3x

[*]Illegal Skills Check | By Cod3x

[*]Npc to PC Polymorph (Interlude) | By VelvetValour

[*]Olympiad Anti Feed Protection | By VelvetValour

[*]Ishka Manager | By xAddytzu

[*]Fame Manager | By xAddytzu



Hacks/Exploits/Bugs Fixes & Restrictions


[*]Freeze players on Subclass add/change | By SkyLanceя

[*]Backstab Restriction | By SkyLanceя

[*]KVN Servers Mod | By ~LoL~ZozOQ

[*]Mirage Skill Fix | By panjoo


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Anyway, I think that this means that you like my AIO ^^

Cuz nobody else has posted anything..

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good share coyote.

btw what about crobra's one?


Mace look at this..


Hello Everybody.

Since Cobra's topic about l2j mods is a bit outdated, I decided to create another AIO just to help a few people, and me as well. I love this section, so this is a nice way to improve it.


Oh, Cobra, you can freely copy/paste everything from my AIO and put it at your sticky topic! Absolutely no problem for me!

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Good stuff nigger

i suggest cobra's desticky and sticky this


thanks mang, but Cobra can just c/p this and add it at his sticky guide xD

Cause I have the feeling that this will be at the 4th page the next week =P


BTW Topic Title updated, since I updated the topic as well.

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hmmm keep it updated and i will sticky it because Cobras "collection" is outdated^^


Okay, if I see anything new I will add it.

Till now it has all the java shit included at all the 25 pages of this section xD

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