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[Share]Faction mod by Laikeriz

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Hello. Today I'm gonna share with you faction mode for L2J Server pack Gracia final.


Blue faction id: 1

Red faction id: 2


Pack includes:

1. Auto level up on connect and subclass addition

2. Faction NPCs

*31214 L2FactionInstance - at this npc players will choose their factions

*31218 L2FactTeleporterInstance - at this npc players teleports to their occupied/unoccupied crystals

*31217 L2TpFlag - crystal which can be occupied and it increases adena got by killing players and adds teleportation to it

3. Fully working same faction protection

4. Working olympiad and tvt event

5. Upon dying doesn't remove buffs

6. Olympiad period - 1 week

7. Killing sprees (Upon death these kills disappear and are being counted from 0)

*3 kills: Multi-kill!

*6 kills: Dominating!

*9 kills: Unstoppable!

*12 kills: GOD LIKE!

8. Faction maps (Voting for maps occur every 2 hours)

* Maps are added to factions_maps in mysql

* Every map has it crystals

* Crystals can be occupyable and unoccupyable (Unoccupyable crystals are used to have atleast 1 teleportation spot for factions) they can be added at faction_crystals in mysql.

9. Kill gives as much adena as faction has crystals (Both occupyable and unoccupyable)

10. Protection against box killing

11. Trading/party invitations/clan invitattions/ally invitations are forbidden between factions

12. Faction players has red/blue circles around them not nick colors


And something else i don't remmember :)


I didn't put my credits anywhere but please don't claim that you made it or if you post this share anywhere else give me the credits (Laikeriz)

I haven't made any configs - everything is hardcoded. So if you want to change faction name/faction spawns etc. you must edit the diff.

!WARNING! After making this patch i didn't test it. Please report any bugs and i will fix them when i can.









Download - http://hotfile.com/dl/18566429/8e81234/Faction_by_Laikeriz.rar.html

P.S Sorry for bad english

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Oh sorry i didn't check it when i uploaded :) Will upload it somewhere else

EDIT:First post updated


Your Karma is back... ;]



Are you the only owner of this diff?


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Your Karma is back... ;]



Are you the only owner of this diff?


Yeah I am.


damn it seems like CS Server, anyway thanks

Well i could post sounds for those sprees from unreal if anyone wants.

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Something is wrong, for example with the skills what only can be used when the other player is in flaged state (purple) but like this is faction never go flaged, so this skills don't respond ex: (Shield Stun, Shackle, etc....) and need press CTRL for attack.  ???

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