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Who wants to be a millionaire?





Get ready for a great money making week! From 12. to 19.04.10 the Fumbi Capsules are 20% OFF, so you can amass them like crazy. Also Fumbi capsules give you PEN so there will tons of PEN to accumulate that week. Tons!


In our store you can get Fumbi Capsule 300 at 240,- and Fumbi Capsule 800 at 640,-… All you have to do is to go to the Fumbi Capsule section of our store and take that chance. Go for it! We can't wait to see who will earn the first million with the capsules, our forum is open 24/7.

fumbi capsules are from donates right?

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Millionaire Event - Last Chance



+++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance


Since the Who wants to be a millionaire" Event is running out on Monday, 19.04.10, this weekend's going to be your last opportunity to grab Capsules and gain PEN like crazy.


So whenever you're in the game, what could be better than a quick stopover at the shop to fill your pockets with PEN? Have fun...


In our store you can get Fumbi Capsule 300 at 240,- and Fumbi Capsule 800 at 640,-… All you have to do is to go to the Fumbi Capsule section of our store and take that chance. Go for it! We can't wait to see who will earn the first million with the capsules, our forum is open 24/7.



+++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance +++ Last Chance








VERSUS together with S4 Source




The VERSUS Tournament will take place on [glow=red,2,300]Saturday, 24th of April, starting at 18:00 (GMT+1)[/glow]. It will be done in collaboration with S5 - S4 Source.


The max number of applicants is 600, if we get more applications, the number of participants will be drawn by lot. Application is possible until Wednesday, 21st of April, 23:59 (GMT+1).


Please provide the following information in your ticket you send to the VERSUS Department of our Support Suite:



*S4 League Versus

*your ingame name

*your ingame lvl


Mind you:

Any application that comes in too late or lacks the required information will not be considered at all. Besides you may only take part with the very character mentioned in your ticket, we will neither allow attendance with one of your other chars or with namechange used!!




Team Deathmatch

20 min per match

S4 Room Laws

The final match will be streamed at www.livestream.com/channels5 for viewers





15.000 AP

10.000 AP

5.000 AP


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We double your chance!





You want to belong to the guys with the big fat guns? Finally we have opened the door for you to get some of these wonderful weapons. We doubled the chance on a rare and unique item or weapon in every G-Capsule that are currently available in the shop. But only for a very short period. The double chance for a unique item is from the 19th till 26th of April. So don’t waste your time and get as many rare weapons and items as possible. It’s up to you!

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That`s your last chance!




The time is running out for you. Come and grab rare items and weapons from the G-Capsules with a doubled chance. But hurry up! This chance will only be offered till the 26th of April.



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S4 League Patch 17 Is Here




The latest patch in S4League is here and it’s full of novelties! Patch 17 comes up with new costumes, capsules, a new map called Side-3 and on and on. Let’s have a closer look at what’s new:


New Costume


The simple chic Modest Set is out now! It is available for both boys and girls and comes with sleek, minimal styles. The boys have tops and bottoms of a stylish suit and the girls are provided with a shoulder free top and business style hot pants. The parts of the modest set are available at the shop among tops and bottoms, and when you have purchased both parts for 1 day, you’ll receive one of the new Toy Capsules. If you purchase the two parts for 7 days, you'll receive two Toy Capsules, and for purchasing the set for 30 days, you'll receive five capsules!




New Capsules


As mentioned before, there is a new G’S Capsule called Toy Gun Capsule. The Toy Gun comes in a very plasticky, innocent look but be careful! Its fire force is nothing for children to play with… Also there is a new Hand Gun Capsule containing the new Blue Hand Gun to suit your clan’s look:




New Map


A great hooray for all TD players: From now on, you can fight your Touch Down Matches on a new map called Side-3. It’s built of pipes and bridges and is full of great spots for very close close combat. That’s what it looks like:




New Feature


Arcade Mode is even more fun now as there's a new difficulty grade: eSper (expert) is for all players which already made it through the Arcade Mode. This heavy mode is playable from the release of the Patch. Try this!




With this patch, there are also new events waiting for you to take part in. First, there is a capsule special featuring the new Toy Gun Capsules – a 3/6/9 Event. Second, all players among you who spend AP for the First time will receive 3 of the new Toy Gun Capsules for free! Watch out for the events and have fun with the new patch!


Your alaplaya Team




3/6/9 Toy Gun Event




It’s time for a new round of the popular 3/6/9 Event! This time, it’s all about the New G's Capsules, the  Toy Gun Capsule and the Hand Gun Blue Capsule. The Toy Gun comes in a harmless and plasticky look but be careful to not underestimate its fire force as it is as vivid and powerful as the regular Hand Gun you know from the game! Besides the Toy Gun Capsule, there is also the new Hand Gun Blue Capsule to suit your clan's looks.


As you may know, the 3/6/9 event means that you receive bonus capsules for all capsules you purchase during the event period. Simply enter the shop and get to the G’s Capsules. If you purchase 3 capsules at a time, you'll get one bonus capsule on top. If you purchase 6 capsules, you’ll receive 3 more on top. Purchasing 9 capsules gets you 5 on top. Purchasing 13 capsules actually gets you 19, and the purchase of 23 capsules actually makes 34! It’s raining capsules!


Starting on Wednesday, you can find the new  G's Capsules at the G’s Capsules section in the shop. The 3/6/9 event takes place from 28.04 until 06.05.10 so take this chance to receive capsules like crazy.


Have fun,


your alaplaya Team.

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map aint so god cause its close range weapons and with anchor u can score fast :S though i am sure u like it pa40 xD

its very cool my friend. with anchor its too slow... i need only a sword, SP mastery skill and a accessory for SP and i will score 10times faster a score... btw its better then Station 2 for me :x Temple-M FTW :x

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S4 OS World Championship Week



The S4 OS World Championship Week takes place from Monday, May 10 - Friday, May 14 (qualifiers) and Saturday & Sunday, May 16 & 15 (Finals). Every day the matches begin at 18:00 BST.


And this is how you participate:

You must sign up for a group (English, Germantown, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese) - no matter what country you are from. You need a minimum level 40. To join, send a ticket to our Support Department Versus Suite, with this info:


Language group which you want to play

Your ingame level (minimum level is 40!)

Your ingame name

You can sign up until Friday, May 7 11:59 p.m. EDT. If you participate late arrival information is missing or you're lying on your level, you may not participate.


Monday, May 10 - Friday, May 14 (Qualifying Rounds)

This will decide who will play for each language team. The matches are done in OS TD mode. But five (two backups) players play in the Finals.


Saturday & Sunday 15 & May 16 (Finals)

The Finals will be played between the language groups in OS TD mode. Winners get three points and a tie 1 point. Who at the end the most points wins.




15,000 AP for every player from each team

30 BP for every player from each team

So do you now!


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1st Time AP Special Extended



Since the 1st Time AP Special in S4League that started with patch 17 was such a success, we decided to extend it until 11.05.10 so all first time AP spenders still have the chance to receive 3 Toy Gun Capsules for free!


The 1st Time AP Special is for all users who spend AP for the first time. So if you have just decided to spend AP on alaplaya for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to get even more from the AP you spend. Get over to S4 and grab your free capsules! The event is extended until Tuesday, 11.05.10 so there is plenty of time left to charge your account with AP and get over to S4League.




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Great Pants Week



In the next few days a fashionable event will make its way to S4League: The Great Pants Week! During this event you can satisfy your need for all kinds of pants, long or short, striped or pink.


All PEN pants come with 20% discount and all AP pants come with 25% discount from May 5 until May 11. So this is your chance to fill your wardrobe with all the pants you've ever wanted!


Have fun,


Your alaplaya team




Design Your Desired Items!



Since the response to the Pimp Your Playa event we arranged recently was truly overwhelming, we decided to provide all the artists among you another opportunity to stun us with new creations: The S4League Item Design Event!


This event is about revealing the items you always wanted to possess in S4League. Whether it’s a certain outfit, an accessory or even a pet, don’t hesitate to draw it and show it to us. But there is one limitation: No weapons allowed! As there are so many other items in S4League, that doesn’t matter at all, so bear in mind that we won’t, and don’t want to, review or rate any weapons you send in.


Think of how many items are already in S4League, how broad the selection of costumes, headgear and accessories is. The most common thing to do would be entering this competition with deviations or modifications of existing items, so take the chance to create something totally new!


The winner of the S4League Item Design event has the chance to wear a truly unique item of his own in S4League as we will move heaven and earth to get the winner’s idea into the game. The event takes place from 06.05. until 24.05. 2010.


In order to take part, send an email to s4itemdesign@alaplaya.net that contains your artwork as attachment and your alaplaya nickname. And don’t forget that the closing date is 24.05. 2010.


We’re really excited about your entries! Good luck and have fun,


Your alaplaya Team




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