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+++ important info +++ important info +++ important info +++


As we have noticed, some of you have problems with their copy of S4League since patching the latest update. The error is described the following: Black screen, no cursor reaction/frozen process.


There’s no guarantee to it, but in many cases updating your graphic drivers did solve the problem. We’re currently working at a general solution to that and in the meantime, we’d be glad to hear your feedback about if the driver thing was helpful for you. Therefore, simply go to our Support Suite and send us a ticket about your case.


Clicking the links below you can find lists of drivers for the major graphic board makes and models:










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New G's Capsule - The Dragonade




As many of you have already mentioned in the past, there are some features known from classic fantasy mmos and stuff that would sometimes be neat to have to hand in S4League as well. For example in a tight Death Match battle: There is a player who constantly annoys you by fragging you from a distant hide-away or from around a corner? Run at him and let him feel a good old, straight from hell dragon’s breath…


Therefore we have exactly what you need – The Dragonade which with a bit of luck will be yours. Starting on12.03.10, you can receive it from the Dragonade G’s Capsules you’ll find at the shop. As a bonus, the Dragonade G's Capsules are 20% off from 12. until 15.03.10, but keep in mind that the special sale is only running until 15.03.10, so watch out for it!


The Dragonade - it’s a classic Cannonade plus all the fun of a dragon head – a total must-have.



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St. Patrick's Day in S4 League



This St. Patrick’s Day, everything’s quite green in S4League. With the event capsules featured with this very event, you can dress your character all green to celebrate the day with us. Here’s what you can receive from the leprechaun’s capsules:


There are capsules containing jackets and pants for both boys and girls, each capsule gets you 3 randomly chosen items for either 1, 7 or 30 days. They’re green, of course.


Also there is a capsule that gets you a shooting weapon for either 1, 7 or 30 days as well as PEN.


You can find the capsules at the shop from Monday, 15.03.10, which of course is St. Patrick’s Day. Have fun!


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S4League Winter Sale




Since winter is all over now, it’s about time to present you a nice winter sale! Just like you know it from your local stores you can purchase all winter items at a price lower than regular. In S4League, this means all items we released from November to February such as clothing, weapons and G’s Capsules. And here’s the deal:


From 22.03 until 31.03.2010, all items from November, December, January and February updates such as jackets, pants and other clothing as well as weapons and G’s Capsules like the Gold Revolver Capsule 20% OFF! At the shop, you can see which items in particular are on sale. So make sure you’re the first to see what’s up – have fun!



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Easy & fast: Get AP with Todito




Players from Mexico, listen up: With ToditoCash, we added a new payment method for purchasing AP faster than ever before. Simply purchase a ToditoCash card in one of the supported store chains, choose ToditoCash as payment method and instantly get AP for your favorite game on alaplaya!


In order to purchase AP with Todito, you need to purchase ToditoCash first. ToditoCash is available at several store chains and retailers in Mexico, for example at Oxxo, 7Eleven, Walmart, HSBC, Nadro. Click here to find out where you can find a retailer near you.


Simply enter your card's number and your NIP on the next page after you have selected ToditoCash as your payment method.


The purchased amount of AP will then instantly be added to your account and you can start to use them in your favorite game right away!


Already got ToditoCash? Click here to get AP!

alaplaya Beachpatrol

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Here we go with the latest update in S4League: Patch 16! This time, there is not only new stuff like new items; there are several new features like improvements to the shop interface and to the game itself:


First of all, the Arcade Mode is now playable in Hard Mode, too. And that means TONS of enemies instead of the bunch you were fighting against until now, tons.


There are two new Capsules: The Dracula Rifle and the Gauss Rifle Black. you can see them at the picture below.




Also there are new costume sets, the Iron Band Set for boys and the Iron Fist Set for Girls. Watch out!




The new items are available at the shop from today. Being at the shop, you will also notice that handling Capsules has become easier: When opening Capsules of the same type, you can click at the button “Keep using” that’s new to the popup. Take a look at the feature below:




Still there are more new features to tell you about: Whenever you enter the game, you will see that the channel selection was improved. Having selected from the “Russian/Polish/Turkish” and “Spanish/Italian/Portuguese” servers, you will see that the Free Channels 1 to 3 are now labelled with the different languages. So it’s much easier to find other S4Leaguists speaking your own language and play matches with them. Welcome home!


Besides that, we also have something special for all of you matching the occasion: The Easter Special! To find out more about it, take a look at the

Event News.




S4League Easter Special




Since easter is near, we are really excited about presenting you a neat Easter Special in S4League where you can receive the marvellous Easter Fumbi – he hops along next to you whenever you play and gives you additional stats. He’s a quite unique little fellow everyone will envy you. Here’s how to receive the Easter Fumbi:


When entering the game, you will for once receive one Easter Capsule. After two hours of playing, you’ll receive 3 Easter Capsules, and after four hours of playing, you’ll receive 10 Easter Capsules. These Capsules are not available at the shop! The Capsules will arrive one day after unlocking. So if you play 4 hours today, your capsules will reach you by tomorrow.


Bear in mind that the Easter Fumbi Special is running from 31.03.10 until 08.04.10 so make sure you hurry up to get yours. Happy Easter!



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S4League 3/6/9 Dracula Event



Just at the release of the new G’s Capsule, the Dracula Rifle, we prepared a special event for you: A new round of 3/6/9! Since our 3/6/9 Events have become quite popular, here’s your next opportunity to grab capsules like crazy. This time, it is going to rain capsules coming straight out of hell - they contain the creepy-cool Dracula Rifle you see below.


The rules of the 3/6/9 event:


Enter the shop and get to the G’s Capsules. If you purchase 3 capsules at a time, you'll get one bonus capsule on top. If you purchase 6 capsules, you’ll receive 3 more on top. Purchasing 9 capsules gets you 5 on top. Purchasing 13 capsules actually gets you 19, and 23 capsules actually make 34! It’s raining capsules!


PLUS, this 3/6/9 Event also features the new Gauss Rifle Black, so you can score twice.


Starting with the release of the new patch today, the 3/6/9 Event is running until 07.04.10, so make sure you’ll get your own. Have fun!







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S4League EXP Event This Weekend





While the last event in S4League hast just finished, here comes another one for you to take part in. This is a great opportunity to get plenty of extra EXP from the matches you play:



Starting on this Friday, every match earns you the regular amount of EXP plus 25 percent EXP! Simply go into the game and play any mission, any match or mode and for all the EXP you earn you will get a quarter on top.


This EXP Event is running from Friday, 09.04.10 until Sunday, 11.04.10 – only this weekend, so be prepared to sweep the board. Have fun!


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S4 League Quiz Event




The S4 League Quiz Event is taking place on ENGLISH FREE 4 on Monday, April 12th starting at 18:00 (GMT+1).


Our Quiz-Event-Team will await you there. They open rooms whose names are Anagrams - to be able to enter you need to find the proper solution (Example: Roomname VENET Password EVENT). This means FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, no application is necessary at all!


As soon as the rooms are full, the Quiz-Question will be asked. The fastest one to answer this question by posting it into the chat is the winner of the room!


So let's summarise it altogether:


12 rooms will be opened at a time

4 rounds of opened rooms will be done

in each room 1 question will be asked

fastest 1 to post the answer wins

48 rooms -> 48 winners



REWARDS (the rewards depend on the difficulty of the question):


10.000 PEN (easy)

15.000 PEN (average)

20.000 PEN (demanding)

30.000 PEN (really tough)

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Who wants to be a millionaire?





Get ready for a great money making week! From 12. to 19.04.10 the Fumbi Capsules are 20% OFF, so you can amass them like crazy. Also Fumbi capsules give you PEN so there will tons of PEN to accumulate that week. Tons!


In our store you can get Fumbi Capsule 300 at 240,- and Fumbi Capsule 800 at 640,-… All you have to do is to go to the Fumbi Capsule section of our store and take that chance. Go for it! We can't wait to see who will earn the first million with the capsules, our forum is open 24/7.

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