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Aion Dominion


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Welcome to Aion Dominion

Server updated and are in beta version (test server) for next 10 days.


Please wait some days for nice updates.


Attention players you play for 10 days only for fun and for check for bugs.


If you have any question or bug report please replay message in this topic or send email us at aiondominion@aiondominion.eu




Feature 1:- Sell/buy from npc;(test)

Feature 2:- Hp/Mp player update packets;(test)

Feature 3:- Flying teleport;(test)

Feature 4:- Teleport;(test)

Feature 5:- Skills/stats;(test)

Feature 6:- Quests;(test)



Download the launcher and you are ok!


Autocreate accounts


Website: http://www.aiondominion.eu/

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And you're a fucking thief.


From our thread in the IA forums:



And your copy/pasted version:

As many of you will notice, we are nowhere near done with our server. We will be doing constant development to the server to implement new features.


We are currently in an Alpha phase.


Current Rates:


    * Xp: 100x

    * Drop: 100x



What we currently have completed:


    * Proper character stats for all classes.

    * Proper Hp/Mp Regeneration.

    * Complete and proper Xp requirements for each level.

    * Retail-like Xp bonuses for level differences between players and mobs in PvE.

    * DP skill system.

    * DP bonuses for level, rank, and rating differences between players and mobs in PvE.

    * Npc death and respawn system. We plan on redoing this soon to make it match retail even closer.

    * Advanced skill engine supporting hundreds of working skills with retail values. Including skills leveling up and giving proper increases to power and mp consumption.

    * Stigmas are now usable by players. For the moment, no quest is needed. You just need to be the appropriate level.

    * Abyss is open and automatically accessible by level 25 characters. Not all abyss features are implemented yet, but the area is open, mobs spawned and most drops implemented.

    * Basic NPC interaction with nearly complete retail-like faction system.

    * Inventories. With full support for expansions.

    * Loot system with loot priority.

    * Hot-bar/options/macro saving.

    * Basic NPC Shops.

    * Full teleport system and flight paths.

    * Dual Wielding.

    * Consumables.

    * Proper equipment restrictions based on level, race, and class.

    * Hundreds of quests. With thousands already done, we continuously add more with each update.

    * Transformations with full faction support.

    * Party system with basic loot right and xp share implemented. Still working to add full support to include all party capabilities.

    * NPC titles and levels for most NPCs.

    * Damage formulas. Still tweaking to get them to match retail 100% but we're VERY close at this point.

    * Complete trade system.

    * Weather system.

    * Gathering. Still in development to get it 100% retail-like, but for now we have a basic implementation.

    * Duel system.

    * Retail-like channel system to allow thousands of players to occupy one zone without causing issues.

    * Full mail system with both regular and express mail available.

    * Personal warehouses. We're still working on adding the account warehouse feature.

    * Manastones.

    * Godstones.

    * Item dyes.

    * Legions. Still in development, but basic legion support is implemented.

    * Private stores.


So with that, it's very obvious your server is just a lie. Good luck with that and all your future failures!

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