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[Share]Mini Antharas Npc

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Hi aLL! i make only Npcgrp and npcname-e Other Copryright to Luccifer members la2base.ru

Screen Shot






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Well, I dont know but maby it shoul be in Lineage II Dev ? Its Client Mod too, but...ah, I dont know ^^

Thx for share it in here ! I already have it at my server (downloaded from la2base.ru) but thx ^^


Take care !


No, here's the right place.


Thanks for bringing it here with the proper credits.

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It works well, or it is gonna show any errors like other mob-NPCs?

I mean, have you tested this, or just reShared?


Sorry for the offtopic but, does any one know how to do that? (reduce the size of the npc?)


Any way, ty for sharing =P



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