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How to compile with Eclipse.

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I know there are loads of guides but i went bored since everyone where pming me with their msn to compile their packs. Its kinda very easy and after your 1st compile u will realise that its like 5 minutes from your life.



First of all u will need eclipse. download links:


For Windows

For Mac Carbon 32bit

For Mac Conoa 32bit 64bit

For Linux 32bit 64bit


Then u need Java JDK. im using this one (Click) or u can download a latest version from the Official Site | direct link for 32bit | [Dont forget to select your platform before downloading, this maybe cause problems if u dont choose your OS platform.]


Here will be a detailed how to install Java.


After clicking on the site i gave in topic to download jres choose your OS




Click on "I agree" and hit next button, then download your file


width=1024 height=640http://www.aedes.us/i4/2ipi.png[/img]


Click next




Click next (U dont need to change anything)




Wait until the install finish


If it finish successfully then u will see this window.




If not, u already have a better JDK already installed.


Extract Eclipse on C:\ (For better perfomance) and install JDK. i dont think that y'all need screens for this part.


Open Eclipse.exe from your eclipse folder from C:\ and choose your workspace (I created a new folder on C:\ with name "workspace" and i choosed it.




Close the welcome window


width=1024 height=768http://www.aedes.us/i4/8kjk.png[/img]


Then go to Help > Install new software.




Paste the link bellow to the "Work With:" as i have it:


(If the 1.4 update doesnt work, and u cant see SVN repositories then use this:

http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x )








Hit enter and then check them all as i have.


Choose next, it will take some time (Depends from your connection speed & your ram) and then click finish.


Then go to Window > Preferences.




Expand Java > Installed JREs




Hit Search and go to find your java folder from your program files.




It will take some time (Not much) and then click on the latest version (U can delete old ones.)




After this click ok and u are done with JREs.


Go to Window > Show View > Other.




Then go to SVN > SVN Repositories




Click ok.


Go to SVN repositories and right click > New > repository location.


width=1024 height=640http://www.aedes.us/i4/21.png[/img]


You have to find a live project in order to compile and having updates



Click here for live projects


Add it on the Url and click finish. (I have removed the link cause im on a private project, you can see the project's name but not the url :) )




open the link that u just added and then go to trunk and check all the folders (With ctrl + click) [u maybe need them in the future of your pack.]




Right click on them and checkout.


On other packs like L2JHardCode there will be only 2 folders that u will need; gameserver and loginserver. Here we need to compile on L2J Archid data, game and login.


Anyway, the only thing left to do to finish compile is this. left click on them > run as > ant build. (To all of them)


width=940 height=768http://www.aedes.us/i4/1dld.png[/img]


wait untill 1 by 1 gets finished and if u get a msg like [build finished Successful] then u are finished!

U'll get something like this on the console:

Buildfile: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\build.xml
   [delete] Deleting directory C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\classes
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist
    [mkdir] Created dir: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game
     [echo] Game Server Revision: ${svn.info.rev}
    [javac] Compiling 1303 source files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\classes
    [javac] Note: Some input files use unchecked or unsafe operations.
    [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
      [jar] Building jar: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\l2jarchid-game-1.1.5.jar
     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\libs
     [copy] Copying 1 file to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config
     [copy] Copying 10 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\libs
     [copy] Copying 5 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game
     [copy] Copying 2 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config\admin
     [copy] Copying 17 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config\main
     [copy] Copying 5 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config\mods
     [copy] Copying 4 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config\mods\events
     [copy] Copying 2 files to C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\dist\L2JArchid-Game\config\network
      [zip] Building zip: C:\workspace\L2J-Archid-Game\target\L2J-Archid-Game.zip
Total time: 59 seconds


Then u dont need any more eclipse, u can close it.


go to your workspace folder, there is a build folder on l2jarchid data and extract the rar file on another folder that your server wil be, and on the l2jarchid server and game there are 2 target folders. u have to open them both and extract them to the same folder that data is. So your pack is ready. fix your network connections and u are ready.


On other packs like L2JHardCode it is more easy. There are 2 folders, l2jhardcode game and login. both of them have a build folder and you have to extract them to another folder and your pack is ready.


I made the guide the most easy i could. all download links are added to make it easier.

For L2JArchid:

For L2JArchid u will need 3 folders to extract:




Extract, and u are ready! :)







Download Link for video:    RapidShare | 4Shared




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u can download the latest version from the official site i gave.


Also tell me if im missing something, im tired to look it again and again ;D

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have u updated your eclipse with subclipse?


if http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.4.x/ doesnt work try this:



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so ExTrEmEDwarf you need more work for this topic >.<

you need to add subversion collabnet cuz i have errors to compiling....

Buildfile: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build.xml


    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\classes

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Game

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\doc

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Login

    [mkdir] Created dir: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Game\libs


      [svn] <Info> started ...

      [svn] <Info> finished.

    [echo] Data Pack Revision: 980


    [javac] Compiling 1 source file to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\classes


      [jar] Building jar: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\l2jarchid-data-1.1.5.jar

    [copy] Copying 1 file to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Game\libs

    [copy] Copying 1 file to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Login\libs


    [sync] Copying 13866 files to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Game\data

    [sync] Copying 124 files to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\sql

    [sync] Copying 4 files to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\tools

    [sync] Copying 1 file to D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Login

    [sync] Removed 1 dangling directory from D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Login

    [sync] Removed 1 dangling file from D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\dist\L2JArchid-Login


      [zip] Building zip: D:\workspace\trunk\L2J-Archid-Data\build\L2J-Archid-DataPack.zip


Total time: 57 seconds

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