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  1. im sure you will ;) btw that's why you were asking for the adrenaline script right? you wanted to spam for the server? hahahahhaha damn you bro p.s. i speak about this in case you lost your mind: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/198117-script-for-adrenaline-doesnt-work/
  2. tn psaxnoun pola pedia tha mporouses apla na tn petaksis h na svisis to link k to pic. :D
  3. You mean 2k anyway server has the same pack with l2mxc
  4. server is very good.Don't close it I will report every bug Keep up.
  5. Can you give me a program that opens jar files i've heard of java decompiler but i can't find it. Thanks.That's all ;D
  6. you should include all of them but i have voted for c4.
  7. very cheap price the thing you've done until now to the char is much more worth i would say 50+ anyway gl
  8. i don't have none of those problems that you mentioned the screen's problem is db's problem in clan_notices table sub class is normally changing and the skill list is ok message me with your server's ip.
  9. look 1.your english suck hard,i can't understand a shit. 2.post a video or a picture 3.Explain more carefully why the subclass is not working 4.i am testing brasil pack too.That's why i could not commit so much the last week' 5.maybe it's your fault couldn't be?
  10. i am saying the truth i didnt say something irrelevant welcome back.Take a clear look at the timeline. for this time you are right. it's a lie. Bam. END.
  11. The project is still very new.They have to care every day for it.
  12. it's your mistake friend i don't have this kind of problem.
  13. in the branches yes but in the trunk is fine. Check it out before posting :D
  14. in mafia gve you can but i can't remember which one but as my friend told me,if you do 2 trade requess at the same time you will be kicked.