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  1. Evo , you have to learn so much things. look around take ideas and then make one different server. Lineage Community get boring of these copy / paste servers every two weeks. For ex,some players get bored of that 5-20 3-16 enchant AND A LOT OTHER THINGS. Care about my words and you will success with your next server i guess. I wish you da best. Regards, Jayde.
  2. everyone waiting for that server , there will join a lot clan's,parties!
  3. I Agree with Benihime but not in all of them! Shop till S grade,where s items can be obtained a little hard by farming special coins. RB Jewels Like Retail. Hard Enchant.
  4. I will give a try for sure! Good Luck With You're server.
  5. Good Luck With Your Server Dude.
  6. thats epic and hard :P better unlimited max enchant . anyway , good luck !