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[Share] All in One Npc


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I have spent days trying to make this, (I know nothing about java or such,but would like to learn But now its too late) after requesting/reading the forum I have come to make this.For some its probably nothing special or they can do it in minutes.

All credits go to all of you that have contributed shares all i did was to put them together wanted to put also some others but with no luck,like warehouse and symbol maker

a few SS







put the files as i have them ,and run all the sql files from navicat




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Well its perfect but i was intrested if you have any idea how this wonderous cubic work in L2Pride and L2Inc.


The all in one item...


if you have any share of someone or any link to learn how it will be really helpfull send me pm!!!


Thnx anyway!

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Well Leeroy i know you know how to do it I saig I will try to make one it will take time for me, but eventually i think i can do it.actually its a shame that people who know how to do thinks dont share their thoughts with us, but i quess the master allways keeps the good stuff for himself

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Good Job Thx.


Second and last warning.

You have spammed in some mins, a whole section, and some usefull and worthfull shares, like @Neo@'s.



Well, very good job on making an NPC Like that.

A Question: I suppose that the teleports arent based at the teleporter file, cuz if it was like that, it would need special gatekeeper NPC. Right?

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Quite true ,if you open a teleport htm file you will see, anyway if someone can improve it feel free to alter anything you like and add more npcs,and you can share it as your share

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