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All rev's have faction(GvE) mod and much more...


Hi all...here i post most of L2j Equal Rev's so...check it out !


Web site: http://www.assembla.com/spaces/L2J-Equal/trac_subversion_tool

SVN: http://my-svn.assembla.com/svn/L2J-Equal


- [glow=green,2,300]Last Rev 341[/glow]

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/znvad6ilu


- Rev 334

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/78ttatt4b


- Rev 319

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/pgmiopwpe


- Rev 314

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/o01zu0q4j


- Rev 305

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/1d93pqk8m


- Rev 279

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/vezhem2ip


- Rev 272

Download: http://dump.ru/file/3165938


- Rev 264

Download: http://dump.ru/file/3149388


- Rev 260

Download: http://dump.ru/file/3144181


- Rev 257

Download: http://dump.ru/file/3138279


- Rev 241

Download: http://depositfiles.com/files/g4t0ga27b


- Rev 214

Download: http://dump.ru/file/3093728


- Rev 201

Download: http://depositfiles.com/en/files/kmrkrroep



And here all fixes from rev 201 to 341



More synch, from l2j.

L2J synchs.

L2J: NPC walkers fix.

Subclass fix. Thanks KhayrusS.

Missed this.

Finally stable release. Part 3/3.



Finally stable release. Part 2/3.

Finally stable release. Part 1/3.

Little change for upcoming update.


Little core for next update.

GvE fix - summons don't give adena after killing them.


Since they do not work. They are fixing right now. It will take time, but …

Synching with l2jserver.com quest system.

Dual box config update.

Clan reputation after cw kill update, thanks urbanhack.

Recall fix.

.away last fix. enchanting phx fix. augment stuck fix.



Admin enchant fix. TvT rework 2/2.

TvT Engine rework 1/2 part.

.away fixes.



fix for char not saving properly.


Little update.

AllowLowLvlProtect? fixed.

CrumaTowerLevelRestrict? should work now.

Pet are not checked for overenchant.

Working on charakters

Working on admin enchant

Working on spawn Raid bosses manager


Sry, my bad, enchanting would not ban innocent players anymore.


Little linux update. Thanks dobras.

Enchant exploit fix.

Part 5. (last) This program is free software: you can redistribute it …

Part 4. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or …

Part 3. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or …

Part 2. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or …

Part 1. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or …

Little linux update. Part2. Thanks dobras.

Little linux update. Part1. Thanks dobras.

Not needed since, they all are already in SQL.


0200-0299.xml fixed.

0100-0199.xml fixed.

Little update for Offline shop mode.

Offline shop fix. Few other fixes. Debug for gameserver added.


0000-0099.xml ready to use.

Typo, sry. Thanks evaldas for report.

Sry, typo.

Offline trade added.

Daggers skills success chance config. Thanks GoodT for help.

1-69 skills fully works now.

BackStab? engine fixed. Now backstabs will damage their victims only from …


Sry, full fix.

Flood protector fix.

No more say2.java errors.

Makes sense now ;D

Flood protectors update. Less lag now. Chat flood protector added.

Npc Walker fix. Thanks Dzonatan.

Working ChatFilter? :} Thanks to urbanhack.


Fixed Energy Stone

A little fixes from Dzonatan

Working on Linux

Fixes buffers in pack (51, 40006)

Add Grand boss table


Rabbit Totem Spirit is fixed

Charge (glad/tyr) skills fixed

No more critical errors (temp fix). You will not spawn in primeval isle …

No more critical errors (temp fix). You will not spawn in primeval isle …


Annoying zone console error fix

Teleports fixes. //reload quests added.

Sync with Interlude (newbie helper).


PHX update.

Last update.

Phx enchanting exploit update. Should work now.

Possible enchant exploit fix.

All night me and Nizdoru were looking for this fix: Peace zone fix.

Todo_list update.

Zones update. Should fix peace zone and critical errors.

More flood protection.

Flood protections.

TYPO. Ecnahnting message fix.

Critical power fixes. If any left post in forum.

Critical error fix.

Castle Doors / Walls HP. Retail Like.


Flood protection preventing warehouse usage.


typo. thanks IPXS

Hope this is last enormous crit damage fix.

Enormous critical power fix.

Teleportation optimised.

20 - 29 skills works now. Tommorow backstab fixes (will be hard one... …

Disablers for bleed poison and etc. that needs abnormal lvl check core …

Fix for not enchanting.

Configurable starting lvl.


1 - 20 skills works.

Gladiator charge system updated (not final). Now damage depends on how …

New shielding system. Skill fixes. Other fixes.

Confusion engine fixed. Confusion should work 100% now.

Skills fixes.

Typo Fixes..

No core support - no changes in datapack.

Not Needed. since blessed scroll is read on humanscroll.

Forgot to ADD.

Corrected Raid boss defence configs.

Class master fix (if remote disabled, cheking for range).

Maximum enchant fix.

0200-0299.xml resynced.

Errors fixes. Oly fixes.

Possible Fix For The New Warehouse Enchant Bug. Needs Testing.

Skill Fixes + Typo's So The DP Will Be Lighter

225 - 260 skills synced.

Oly fixes. Few taken from L2DoT


- Possible duplicate character fix. GvE last fixes: Summons can't hit same …

- Config for hitting owner. GvE: LAST SUMMON RESTRICTIONS!!!!

- Zaken, Sailren, IceQueen?, Doctor Chaos, Baium, Antharas AI updated. Four …

- -beep-ing Eclipse... Accidently pressed enter, so: BIG HELP FROM maxi56!

- Few more skills restrictions. GvE mode.

- Raid boss spawn manager update (Config, should work now).

- typo

- 210 - 225 skills synced.

- Olympiad fix. When one player disconnects and other losses. NEEDS TESTING, …


Announce Weddings? Configurable

Restore Effects on Subclass change? configurable

Elemental Skills Retail Like

Residential Shock Immunity Works Fine Now

No Need of Restarting to get the clan skills

Daggers range fix

Stunning fist/Fatal strike fixes

Confusion time fix.

Potions in GvE should work fine now.


NPC hitting for summons fix if npc attack config disabled. TYPOS

Primeval TP fix (sry didn't tested).



GvE engine - support for player hitting/killing npcs.

Potions in GvE should work fine now.

Confusion time fix.

Stunning fist/Fatal strike fixes. Sry.

200-210 skills checked.

Daggers range fix, sry ;]

No Need of Restarting to get the clan skills :)

Residential Shock Immunity Works Fine Now :)

Elemental Skills Retail Like

Restore Effects on Subclass change? configurable

Announce Weddings? Configurable

GeoData? & Pathnode


Primeval isle respawn after death fixed.

Little multisell fix. Taken from L2J.


Last clan buf fix. Thanks to maurin.

80LvL after taking sub config.

Configurable dual boxing ;] True - allow; False - do not allow.

Alternative Enchant Value. Configurable

GvE factions names on title fix.

Fix for potions usage while casting.

0100-0199.xml checked.

120-130 skills checked.

clan_id fix.

Little mass changes, 115-120 skills checked.

105-115 skills checked.

100-105 skills checked.

Proper cancellation fix on self.

Admin Find Dualbox . Core Support. ( For The Previous Commit )

Admin Find Dualbox DP Support. ( Next Commit Core Support )

Soul Crystal Break / Level Chance. Configurable

Fix for BackStab?, sry guys.



0000-0099.xml checked.



Check this topic for updates ^^





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l2j equal close like l2j dot???  omfg!!!

http://www.l2jhardcode.com haha go see here and lets help all together stefoulis15 to fix

all bugs and exploits!! All we are a family here!! so help him and his team to create the best pack ever!!


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Hello guys..I have problem with attack..When a player is FIGHTER(dagger/sword etc) and pressing attack,he is not attack until he must go near the target with the click of mouse..Any solution?





Sry for my bad english...!




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